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Work Out Time

One of my most favorite toys that I have is my treadmill. Mom and Dad thought it might come in handy for the winters in New England and it is REALLY cold out tonight. So I got bored and asked to go for a run on my treadmill.


Some dogs are afraid, but not me! I like running!

I love my treadmill

It’s even more fun when Mommy works out with me! Climb those stairs Mom, You can’t catch me!

Working out with Mom

 Well, since the weather has been so cold we havent had all that much going on.

Hope you are all staying warm!


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My friend Ditto was rescued a few years ago and she was said to have had Heartworms. But she had undergone treatment, so her next test should be clean… Her new mom and dad loved her so much they adopted her anyways. It’s now probably 4 years later and Ditto still isn’t better!

On Saturday, Ditto is going to the Vet for the day to have another procedure done to help get rid of it. She can’t be excited or have any toys and I can’t even go play with her for at least 3 months! I’m really sad because I love my friend Ditto since she lets me boss her around a lot and we usually go to the dog park together.

 Well, I am telling you all this so you can all keep Ditto (and her mom and dad) in your thoughts and prayers that she has a sucessful procedure and she recovers real fast so she can play again!

Good Luck Little Buddy!


Good Luck Ditto!

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Treats in the oven

Well this weekend was a lot of fun! I didn’t have extra time to play online though. Mom and Dad made Peanut Butter Dog Biscuits! They were SO Yummy! I am the offical CEO for Beds & Biscuits… Chief Eating Officer! If you want to try some of my mom’s cookies leave me a post and I will make sure she sends you some! There are some pictures of us hard at work, I’ll be sure to get them on here soon so you can all see! 

The other exciting news is my puppy friends Kona & Pepe (and Cody) are back!! Their mom and dad went away in December and just got back yesterday. The puppys were away staying with their grandparents, but I am sure glad to have them home. Hopefully soon we can all run around in the snow!

– Kylie


Mom said I’m the official CEO- Chif Eating Officer!

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Happy New Year!!!

Hey Everyone!
Welcome into 2008! I hope you all had an exciting New Years Eve as I did. I got to go to my friend Sunny’s house and play with her until 10:00!! I was so pooped when I got home I fell asleep before the ball even dropped! Don’t worry, Mom and Dad woke me up after to wish me a Happy New Year! (and to make me go outside to Pee!) Well I don’t know if all my friends are from Boston, but right now, it’s FREEZING out there and mom keeps saying it’s just gonna get worse… Now I kind of wish she HAD gotten me that cute little snow suit, she wasn’t kidding!

Well below are some pictures of my NYE with Sunny! It’s hard to tell us appart! They are a little hard to see because mom had to use her camera phone.

Well I think it’s time for a nap, still recooping from last night!

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 Kylie & Sunny
(I’m the one on the bottom.)

 Kylie & Sunny
(Sunny is over me, that white line is my eye!)

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