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Treats in the oven

Well this weekend was a lot of fun! I didn’t have extra time to play online though. Mom and Dad made Peanut Butter Dog Biscuits! They were SO Yummy! I am the offical CEO for Beds & Biscuits… Chief Eating Officer! If you want to try some of my mom’s cookies leave me a post and I will make sure she sends you some! There are some pictures of us hard at work, I’ll be sure to get them on here soon so you can all see! 

The other exciting news is my puppy friends Kona & Pepe (and Cody) are back!! Their mom and dad went away in December and just got back yesterday. The puppys were away staying with their grandparents, but I am sure glad to have them home. Hopefully soon we can all run around in the snow!

– Kylie


Mom said I’m the official CEO- Chif Eating Officer!


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