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My friend Ditto was rescued a few years ago and she was said to have had Heartworms. But she had undergone treatment, so her next test should be clean… Her new mom and dad loved her so much they adopted her anyways. It’s now probably 4 years later and Ditto still isn’t better!

On Saturday, Ditto is going to the Vet for the day to have another procedure done to help get rid of it. She can’t be excited or have any toys and I can’t even go play with her for at least 3 months! I’m really sad because I love my friend Ditto since she lets me boss her around a lot and we usually go to the dog park together.

 Well, I am telling you all this so you can all keep Ditto (and her mom and dad) in your thoughts and prayers that she has a sucessful procedure and she recovers real fast so she can play again!

Good Luck Little Buddy!


Good Luck Ditto!


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