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Tunnel Fun
(This is me just hanging out in my tunnel, I love my tunnel!)

Sorry everyone, I haven’t been posting too much. Things got a little crazy around here.  The house where my Mom grew up was sold. Nana and Papa have officially moved up to NH to their lake house and no longer live just a couple miles away. Mom and I used to walk there for breakfast on Saturday mornings. Papa always let me lick the egg from the bowl. I’m really gonna miss having them around all the time, but I think Mom is even more sad.

Happy Easter
(Mom made me an Easter Bandana. It’s light yellow with white poka dots.)

Mom was really busy at work *sigh….  Oh and Dad went back to work too! They weren’t too sure how long it will be, but now I don’t have him home to play with me all day!! He’s been with me every day since September! Luckly Mom was home sick all last week so I had a chance to warm up to the idea of Dad not being around all the time. I was looking all over for him on Monday and Mom was resting on the couch and kept saying he’s not here. I’m just hoping Mom forgets to go to work tomorrow, I like having everyone home!

Hanging Out
(Sometimes I will take a toy and just hang out in my tunnel.)

We went on a really long walk today so I just am hanging out and realized how long it’s been since I wrote and felt just terrible. As for the Pet Photo contest, I never placed in the rounds that Mom entered me in and she’s been so busy, so we said maybe next time. The world isn’t ready for my cuteness yet! 🙂
You can’t see me!
(I was hiding, I bet you can’t find me!)

I hope everyone is doing well. I will try to catch up on all my blog reading today. I will have Mom put up some more pictures real soon too. Maybe she will do a video of my new tricks!


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Thanks Everybody!!


Thank you to all who voted for me! I really hope I win, I’ve never won anything before. I haven’t been writing much the past week because I have had a rough week.

 Sunday night when I was out doing my business, a car drove by me really fast and the girl screamed and they threw bottles out the windows. Needless to say, I tried to run home. I ended up crying at night and kept Mom up from like 12:00am to 4:30am. She wasn’t real happy with me. She ended up coming home from work early to take a nap and try to see what was the matter with me. She even gave me a new bath in oatmeal wash, and brushed me for hours with the FURminator. She even got me a new big bed!

New Bed

Oh did I mention after getting really scared I started shedding like crazy and was really really itchy?? Well I didn’t mean too but I woke mom and dad up on Tuesday night and Wednesday night. But I am glad to report that I am less itchy, not shedding as much, and sleeping through the night were I belong. (Mom and Dad had started putting my crate in my hiding spot where I go when I get scared. That was the only place I wasn’t crying at night.)

Kylie Nap

Today I got to go play with my friend Sunny at her house for a while when Mom and Dad babysat Sunny’s little humans. That was a lot of fun. I’m really glad that I have so many more friends who look at my blog.


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