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Ditto is my friend, but my Mom and Ditto’s Mom have been friends for a really long time. Ditto’s Mom and Dad are getting MARRIED this September and Mom is in the wedding! The wedding is on a beach down on Cape Cod and Mom Really Really need’s to get in shape!

Visit this WEBSITE to learn more about DANIELLE’S WEDDING!!!

Hurry up Mom! It’s time to get in shape! You’re running out of time!

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Hi Everyone,
I hope everyone is well, I know I haven’t been spending as much time posting and reading blogs. I just wanted to see what is new with everyone, I have had lots of trips to NH to visit Mom’s Parents at the Lake and yesterday we went to Dad’s Parents lake house for fathers day. Lucky for me it was raining so I didn’t have to get thrown in the water!
A week or so ago we got to go Kayaking at the state park. That was really fun! I kept trying to put my paw in the water and hit the paddle as it passed by me. Since I didn’t get to go swimming at the park, Mom took me to the local pond and kept making me swim. We went and got a new life jacket since I out grew my one from last year. I’m not a little puppy anymore! Mom likes to get me in above my head and when I kick to the shore I don’t seem to go anywhere, and thats cause she’s holding on to the top of my life jacket!! She says its a good workout.

Beds & Biscuits is starting up. I love being the CEO! I get to taste everything she makes and boy oh boy they are yummy! Last night I tried the newest batch, Banana Chips! Delicious! You should order some if you haven’t already!

Well, it’s a short post, but at least it’s something. I will try to keep up with my blog friends!


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Another hot day idea

It’s the 4th day of 90+ degree weather with dew points in the 80’s so Mom has been trying to come up with yummy cool treats for me. Now that I have tried the Hot Dog Pupsicles, I have been turned off to the regular plain water icecubes. So what did Mom do, mix my other favorite treat in an icecube, PEANUT BUTTER!

Ok, so here are the 2 ideas.
1) Use a kong and put a small dab (little less then a teaspoon) and shake it into the bottom end of the Kong. Then with a peanut butter jar that’s almost empty, or in a seperate container with a little peanut butter in it, fill with hot water and close tight and SHAKE. (The longer you shake the more the peanut butter will liquify into the hot water.) Stick in freezer over night (or longer if you use a big Kong) and Vwala! You have a solid cold Kong that tastes like peanut butter!
NOTE: remember the extra intake of water, and plan bathroom breaks accordingly!

2) Use same water/peanut butter mixture from #1. Pour into ice cube tray, freeze = bite size treats!

I love them both, what do you think!?

Keep Cool!

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Today is 90 degrees and very very hot. Mom and Dad took me to the State Park and we went kayaking for a while. It’s just too hot so I’ve been resting a lot.

I have a great idea for my doggie friends to ask their parents to try. Mom boiled a hot dog in a lot of water. Then she let the water and hot dog cool a bit and cut the hot dog in waggon wheels, and then cut them in half again. She used an ice cube tray and put one hot dog peice in each spot and poured the hot dog water in and put them in the freezer.

The next day… I got little hot dog pupsicles! And let me tell you, they are delicious! I recommend you try them too. It’s great for a hot day like today.


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