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Well, it’s offical. Mom and Dad and I are moving! We will be going about 30 minutes away to my grandparents lake house in Hopkinton!! I hope this doesn’t mean Mom is going to make me try and swim more!! The house is looking very weird and there are boxes all over so I can’t run around with the zoomies without knocking stuff over and Mom doesn’t like it when I do that. Whoopsie, sorry Mom!

I will be living on an island! Pretty cool! I will be able to have a fenced in yard to run around and play ball in and there are 2 doggies that live next door that I’ve met, and probably some others on the island that hopefully I can be friends with!

And I’ll be living with a CAT! His name is Kiwi and he’s all white (Funny! I’m all BLACK!) I’ve tried to play with him in the past when I go to visit and he’s not really a big fan… Hopefully we can be friends.

I think I might even be going to “doggie care” during the work days! Not really a business but I’ll be staying with my cousins Bones & Mr. Fluffy in their new home since it is right down the street from Moms work and she can walk all of us and Ellie at lunch time just like always!

I just hope Mom and Dad remember to label all the boxes with my toys so none fall off the truck or get lost!!

More to come, I have to go help Mom pack more!!


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Kylie’s Dinner Time…

When mommy is feeling like playing a trick on me, she gives me my dinner in the Tug-A-Jug…

As you can see, I chewed out the TUG! (I love to eat ropes) so to make it harder, Mom put a tennis ball inside with the food.

(sorry its so dark)

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