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Weekend Puzzle

Hi Everyone! Thank you all for your nice messages. I am sorry it took me so long to get back online. Well some of you asked what the vet had given me for the itching. Mom’s camera is kinda stinky for up close shots so I will tell you it says:

ResiCORT Leave on lotion for dogs, cats and horses.
Hydrocortisone 1% W/W
Antipuritic, Anti-Inflamitory.

Leave on Conditioner from Vet

We have only used it once so far. I was due for my Frontline so Mom & Dad didn’t want to get me wet to put it on. I will get another shower with Mom on Tuesday for my next dose. The bottle says 2-3 time a week for 2 weeks, so I’m a little behind. Since Friday Mom & Dad thought I was doing much better, so they took me off the Benadryl, but turns out I’ve started biting myself again. Mom even found a spot on my back leg where I bit so much it’s all red and raised now… 😦 She keeps threatening to put an e-collar on me!


Mom and Dad started me on a new food. Right now it’s just a little bit mixed in with my old to make sure my tummy can handle it, but it seems to be ok. It’s Innova Low Fat Adult Dry Dog Food since the Vet told Mom & Dad last week that I’m still overweight. But at least I still get Bravo Salmon oil on it too! Mmmm

This week since I was just hanging out with Dad we worked on a puzzle. I was a big help according to Dad.



This is when I was just taking a break and keeping an eye on their progress.


Look how much progress Mom made!!


This is the box, sorry for the flash mark… They still have a ways to go.

Thanks again everyone for all your well wishes!


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