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Nite Nite

I have a Nite Nite (also known as a crate or bed for some of you other pups) and well it was starting to get a little on the tight side. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I could stand up and turn around, but I don’t know about you but when I sleep I like to STRETCH OUT! BOL…. So I gave Mom and Dad some pathetic Puppy Eyes a few times and guess what came in the mail the other day? A NEW CRATE! It’s much roomier!

New Nite Nite

New Nite Nite

The other weird thing Mommy and Daddy always make fun of me for is I hate having bedding in my bed! They always try to put mats and blankets in but I will make my own bed and bite them or flip them up with my paws so that they are squished in the corner and out of my way. Mom tried putting a big comforter in to see if I would want to snuggle with that since its been soooo cold here lately, even the Lake is frozen on the top!

Big Blanket

Big Blanket

So Pretty

So Pretty

Well in the morning when Mom was getting ready for work,  I decised I should keep Dad company so he wouldn’t miss her too much….

Being Mommy's Stand-in

Being Mommy

Dad's Snuggle Buddy


BOL! So dignified!

I will be posting more this weekend hopefully! Have a great weekend everydoggie!


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