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Hi Evfurry Buddy!

I am sending out a plea this cold Saturday! Mom found out that one of my favorite TV stars is in search of Valentine!!



Some of you might recognize Daddy from The National Geographic Channel’s Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan! He is Cesar’s teacher! BOL a DOG teaching a HUMAN, isn’t that ALWAYS the way?! We have to show them everything it seems!!

Sadly Daddy’s former Valentine, Lalla, went to the Rainbow Bridge to be with all our furiends. At least she can run free and be healthy with Chelsea, Zoe, K-8, Destiny Harley, and all out other beloved friends.

Well lucky for me, Daddy is back on the market and looking for a new love! I would LOVE to be it!!! I look kinda like his former love Lalla, so maybe he likes Black girls! BOL Much to my dismay, Mom read all Cesars’ books and has me be balanced. Well, she tries her best! Mom likes to think she has helped a lot of people and dogs too! When she does her home visits she always tries to pass on the things she has learned from Daddy and Cesar. The biggest thing is when they get their new shelter dog home, not to baby it because it will not become balanced if they do that! Anyways enough about MOM! She’s not gonna be Daddy’s Valentine, I AM!…. I hope.

You  know what else is GREAT about becoming Daddy’s Valentine? Along with the title of Daddy’s “Official Valentine for 2009,” the lucky winner will each be able to award a $250 grant to the shelter or rescue group of his or her choice. The grant will be provided by the non-profit Cesar and Ilusion Millan Foundation, which is celebrating its second anniversary this Valentine’s Day!


How could you not just not fall in love with that face!?

Isn’t that a GREAT Valentine pressie?! It’s just like my Kylie’s 25 Days of Christmas! Giving back to the shelter animals is such a wonderful thing that is almost as great a prize as becoming Daddy’s Valentine!

Isn't he just so Handsom?

Isn't he just so Handsom?

I go with Mom when she does her home visits and when she does her training. Just like Daddy does! She likes to have people meet me because then they see what their new rescue dog can be like. If they are calm and assertive and not just all lovey dovey when they get their new shelter dog, then you can create the doggie of your dreams! Because doggies like me who were rescued can forget any bad things that happened to us in the past, we just need our forever home to forget too!

And, I was hoping that having Daddy as my Valentine, he can help teach me that Kids and Strangers aren’t always something to be afraid of! Hopefully Daddy will see that I overcame my swimming fear and that will win points for me! Bruschi, maybe you were right, maybe I need to get a cute bikini! BOL


Well, I think that’s about it for now! You can read more about Daddy here and there are links to other pack members too!


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Thanks everyone who checked in on Kylie this week!

We will have her live each weekday from 8am-5ishpm EST.


Click the webcam to see what she’s up too!
Kylie will be back on MONDAY!
Have a great weekend Evfury Buddy!

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I got Tagged TWICE!

Oh boy! I got tagged to play MORE games! I love games! First, my friend Nala tagged me for the 40 things game. I decided to play the way she did and share my 40 things with Mom.  I will tag my new friends Mona & the Mommy Too!, Tibby The Schnauzer Mix, and Stella to play this game if they haven’t already!


1) I was found by my Mom & Dad through Petfinder.com

2) The rescue that saved me from “death row” at a shelter in TN was PetMatchMaker.org

3) I was 7 Months old when I went to my Forever Home

4) I had at least 3 names in my first 7 Months. Fluffer, Gracie, Kylie

5) I was spade and micro-chipped on May 14, 2007

6) I went to my forever home on May 15, 2007

7) I was afraid of my Mom and Dad the first day I met them (May 12, 2007) and hid under the car and growled and nipped at them for over an hour…. (Whoops!)

8) I am afraid of strangers

9) I am terrified of children/kids – We aren’t really sure why but I will used to bark and growl and be very mean towards them. Now I can be in the same room as Mom’s nephews and niece, just as long as they stay on the OTHER side and leave me alone!

10) I have only had 2 pee and 1 poo and 1 vomit accidents in the house ever *Knock on wood*

11) I love my Nite-Nite (crate) I am now on my third one cause I keep growing. Although Mom insists I don’t NEED the GIANT one I have now, she was just being super nice and had a moment of temporary insanity

12) When I would see a dog walking in our old neighborhood, even if he/she was 3 blocks away, I would start to crouch down as I walked so that eventually I would be flat on my belly when I got up to the new dog and when he/she came to sniff me, I would jump up and play bow and try to get them to chase me!!

13) For the first year my Mom had me I didn’t eat any meals out of a bowl. I would have to earn my breakfast on our walks with commands. We would also walk down to the Train Station and ask people if they wanted to give me a treat (MY BREAKFAST or DINNER!) so that I would start to see strangers as a source of food and nothing to be scared of.

14) Two of my favorite toys are my Tunnel ($5 from IKA!!) and my Treadmill (Free off Craigslist)

15) I was never afraid of the Treadmill and I will sit on it and will it with all my might to make it move. I can walk on the treadmill with no leash for 20 minutes while Mom is in the other room getting ready for work. (she just comes and checks on me every few minutes and gives me a treat.)

16) Mom and Dad call me: The Funniest Doggie in the WOOORLD, Monkey, Munchkin, Goober, Gremlin, Monster, Baby, Girlie

17) I have to hold all my commands until released. At least I am supposed too… So Sit means stay sitting until they say “ok”… Same for all the commands. It means they don’t have to say “Sit, stay, kylie sit, sit, stay….” All they say is “Sit” and walk away and I will just sit and watch them.

18) I can’t leave the house until someone says “ok” Even if the door is open! One time I ran out when I wasn’t supposed to because I knew we were going across the street to play with my Puppy friends Kona and Pepe. I heard them outside and I darted out the door before Mom clipped my leash! She was NOT HAPPY! She came and got me and held my collar and walked me home and made me just sit at the open door and look outside and watch them play. She would then say OK and let me come out to her, and then make me go back in. We did this for 15 minutes. Then I had to go back in and I never got to go play. I never ran out the door again.

19) I love car rides. I enjoy going to NH to Nawnie and Papa’s. I will be sound asleep and when we are about half a mile from their house I wake up and start pacing in the back and whining the closer we get until I can’t contain my excitement! Mom and Dad find it really funny that I always know when to wake up! (Oh yea, I can’t jump out of the car until I’m invited out. Mom can open the tailgate to the jeep and walk to the end of the driveway and I will stay in the car, even when other dogs and people walk by.)

20) I’m a snuggler. When Mom doesn’t feel good I like to walk up to her and put my head in her lap. If she’s in bed with a migraine I will bring her stuffies and try to make her feel better and I like to lick the ice she holds on her head. I will usually lay at Mommy’s feet or side when I have to pick between her or Daddy. I love Daddy lots, but Mommy will usually start petting me!


1) I was born in Natick , MA . (Pronounced NEAH- TICK. Neah like a horse. Not NAW-TICK) I lived there until I went and lived at College for 2 years then moved back home. My first 2 apartments were in Natick . I work in Natick . (I think I classify as a Townie)

2) My parents bought land and built a new house and we moved across town when I was 11.

3) My childhood dog was Chelsea “Just for Fun” Mason. A purebred Shetland Sheep Dog (Sheltie) Although, she ended up being much bigger than a typical Sheltie. When at one point we tried to breed her, they said she was too big.

4) I will never forget having to bring Chelsea to the vet to put her down when she was 14 years old.

5) I dread that day for Kylie.

6) I did swim team, competitive speech team *yea I’m a dork*, theatre, stage crew and AV film crew all in high school.

7) I went to Fitchburg State College for 2 years and Framingham State College for 2 years and got my degree in Media Communications/ Video Editing. Now, I answer phones for a living.

8) I love hanging out with friends and try to host a Game Night every few months.

9) I recently found out I like Magners Hard Cider.

10) I do home visits for the rescue group Forever Home Rescue of New England. I usually end up doing in home training with my Home Visit Clients.

11) I do dog walking on my lunch break from work. The most I had was 4 dogs in my hour break.

12) I have 2 older sisters- Jennifer & Michelle, 1 older brother- David– who are all married.

13) I have 3 nephews- Collin, Liam & Brady, and 1 niece- Erin. Matt has one nephew- Jackson, with one on the way (Possibly another Liam!).

14) I have been a bridesmaid in 3 weddings, a flower girl in 1 wedding, an alter server in 1 wedding, and a reader in 1 wedding.

15) I met Kylie’s Dad August 2004.

16) I’m still waiting for a ring from him. (LOL)

17) About 4 months after paying off the loan on my first car (Saturn SC2) I traded it in for a 2004 Jeep Liberty.

18) Jobs I’ve had: Newspaper delivery, Babysitting, YMCA Summer Sports Camp Councilor, Project Manager Assistant at Kay Cos. A development company, Office Administrator for Next Generation Children Centers A daycare and early development center, Office/executive Assistant for Crosspoint Associates a Commercial Property development and management company.

19) I like to sew.

20) I am really happy to have found the DWB community because I feel like I have a whole world network of people who really ‘get’ me and understand the joys that our furry friends bring us!


Tonight I was tagged by my newest friend Mango! Mango and his brother Dexter (AKA: Pee-Wee) only lives a couple towns over from me!!! I might have to make Mom coordinate a pupdate! Mango started a very cool game “What Were you Doing Last Year?” You go into your bloggy archives and find your post from a year ago. Let’s see, a year ago I was only 15 Months old and I was showing off my new toy. You can read about it and see some pictures HERE!

I think I am going to tag 3 of my newest friends, Khyra The Siberian Husky, Scott and Sophie The Pointers, and The OP Pack!!

I’ll be sure to get Mom to post some new pictures of me tomorrow! Maybe she can take some pictures of me ice skating before she goes to work! BOL



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Snow Storm Number: 6,381

Ok Ok so maybe I am exaggerating just a little bit! BOL But honestly it seems like it is always another big snow storm! Just when the last of the snow is starting to be all gone, another storm comes and dumps more!

So here are some belated pictures from this past weekend… OH yea, Mom found the camera cord! It was under the couch! BOL She blamed me for not being able to find it and I had to remind her I’m a Herder and Retriever, not a hound dog!!


I was being funny and just staring at Mom so she started to throw toys at me and yup… I couldn’t be bothered to play! Humans think it’s sooo funny to bury the dog!


Are we having fun yet MOM??


Sometimes, I just can’t count on Mom to stay on top of helping me update my blog and a doggies gotta do what a doggies gotta do!



Sometimes Mom and Dad make fun of me cause I like to lay in what they think is the most uncomfortable positions…

Example A: I used a hard plastic Tug-A-Jug for a Pillow! BOL


So next up to share is from this morning. Mom took me outside to play in the snow before she left for work!


That's a big mound of snow from the plows!

That's a big mound of snow from the plows!

This is kind of a long video. I won’t be offended if you don’t want to watch the whole thing! Mom got a little carried away! *rolls eyes* It’s playing in the SNOW!

Before Mom goes to work sometimes she has me do a few tricks to keep my brain sharp since she is mortified that all I do while she is gone is sleep the day away! She says I must be loosing braincells! I don’t think I loose anything??? Do any of you loose braincell, and could you maybe tell me where to get some new ones since Mom said I lost mine! Maybe she won’t notice if I can replace them before she gets home after my nap! BOL

Here is this mornings challenges: (PS: Mom says don’t look at the messy rooms!)


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Let’s play a game!

Hi Everfurey one! Thank you all for your wonderful comments on my swimming! I found out I will be going back on Feb. 14th so hopefully there will be more pictures and VIDEO that trip!

I found out that I was tagged in a game to play from my friend Ludo the Sheltie!

“You pick one (just one) buddy from your list and you give them a letter. They must then list and describe 5 things beginning with that letter.”

Ludo gave us the letter P because of my Pool post with no P in it! BOL

1). Pressies!!! I think I speak for all of us when I say Pressies are the BEST! Birthdays and Christmas… and all those other holidays and now that I have so many new friends, I get pressies in the mail just for being cute!

2.) Puppies aka other doggies!!! I love to play with my doggie friends who live around me. Bones and Fluffy don’t play much but I still love them. And Sunny and Ellie are both great wrestlers, and Ellie sure can run fast! I love to take walks with Ditto and hang out at her house and try to steal all her rawhide toys! She’s such a good sport! And I LOVE all my BLOGGIE FURIENDS! I am so glad that I have found this wonderful community who sticks together through the good times and the bad!

3) Pictures!!! Well, I don’t know if I love getting my picture taken THAT much! But I do love sharing things with all of you and it is fun when people tell me how pretty I am when Mom shows off my pictures!

4) Peoples!!! I love My Mommy and Daddy!! They are my most favoritest peoples in the whole world! I have some other favorite peoples too though like Bones and Fluffy’s Mom and Dad, and Ditto’s Mom and Dad and Nawnie and Papa, and Grandpa and Grandma!

Now, for number five Mom and I dissagree on. I want to go with PLAY because all us doggies love to PLAY!!! We play with balls and bones and stuffies and sticks and tunnels and treadmills and some doggies play with sheep and other doggies play with all different things! What do you like to play with??

BUT MOM says that I need to put the POOL as number five. She says I did have fun and I am a lucky dog to have the chance to keep going to the pool! I do get treats and get to meet my new friend Pam. There are toys there and the water is a soothing 80 degrees, which is nice on the joints! Mom also reminded me that learning to swimming in the pool is supposed to help build my confidence! So I guess it’s a toss up… I got an idea!!


Thanks Ludo for letting me play this great game! I am going to pass this game on to my friend Bruschi the Puggle! I’m giving you the letter B!!!  Hey Bruschi buddy, send me some of that warm Florida air!! It’s supposed to snow another 6-8 inches tomorrow!!


PS: sorry no pictures this round guys, Mom seemed to have misplaced the camera to computer cable so she can’t get the pictures off… HUMANS! They loose everything! BOL

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Well furiends, it happened and well… it wasn’t so bad! BOL First I hung out in this big room while Mom and the lady Pam talked about me. Every once in a while Pam would give me a treat that Mom had brought. Then after they were done yakin’ it up, Mom put the funny floaty thing on me. I got a little weary at that cause I remember last summer she kept making me wear that and then she would carry me in the lakes! But we just walked into a new room and it was BIG and there was a giant tub in the middle of the room. we walked up the little deck and look what I found! Toy jackpot!


MMMM I think I might help myself to some of these…


Let me get this straight, you want me to go in THERE?


Mom, are you sure about this??


Maybe if I show you what a good listener I am you won’t make me go in!


That’s Pam, she was giving me treats! I love treats… I loved Pam…


Thanks for the treats Pam, I’ll be seeing you another time…


PAM! What are you doing!? I thought we were friends?!


Oh jeesh, oh jeesh…. what’s that paddle I’m supposed to do??


Splish splash, splish splash… This doesn’t seem right….


Oh right, it’s the DOGGIE PADDLE… I remember!


Take a break for safety’s sake…


Time out Pam, I need to catch my breath… I’m outta shape you know!


Look at me! I’m HAPPY!


Does that face say “Let’s do it again!” or what?!


Pam’s giving me a massage on me… deriair!


Mom is so proud of me!


Mom say’s that she’s sorry there aren’t more video clips. Dad had to work so it was just the two of us and I really liked swimming to Mom so Pam had Mom run laps around the pool and I would swim beside following her. So rather then making everyone dizzy and want to puke, she figured she better not video it!

Thanks Pam, I had fun! See you real soon!


The ride home… When can we go back Mom?


Co Pilot!


Swimming makes you sleepy!

Swimming sure does make you sleepy!!!


from Kylie the Aqua DOG!

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It’s true friends… I must have done something really really wrong! I was looking around the computer and I started noticing Mom had googled things like “Dog Swimming” and “Doggie Underwater Treadmill” …. uh oh….

And today I found this website….




Oh Mommy! I am really not so sure about this furiends! Mom has tried and tried to get me to swim in the lake we live on and Nawnie and Papa’s lake and the lake near our old house. I thought she caught on that I don’t really like it!! What did I do that would make her think I could be like these brave doggies!?


The Pool

Our climate-controlled facility is equipped with an 8’ X 20’ heated pool with six whirlpool jets which provide a gentle massaging action to the muscles and joints.  There are also two oversized jets that control the flow of the water, which are adjustable for both flow rate and direction of current.

Our pool is equipped with a ramp and safety railings for easy and safe access.  The pool is designed with benches along the sides for dogs to rest in between laps.  We also provide flotation vests for first time, inexperienced or physically challenged swimmers.

AquaDog’s pool is equipped with a sophisticated filtration system that uses a natural water treatment to handle the extra challenges that our furry friends present.   AquaDog does not use chlorine or any other harsh or toxic chemicals that may cause possible health risks, allergies, skin irritation, eye redness or unpleasant odors.

A highly advanced ozone based system is used to keep the water soft, clean, clear and safe for dogs.

She has one of those floaty things and everything for me, but I still really don’t like it! What am I going to do! I found THIS:

Hi Pam, if you still have the 24th at 1:00pm open I would like to confirm that apt. for Kylie.
Thanks so much!

HI Ali!
Happy New Year!  I reserved January 24th at 1pm for you and Kylie and you are confirmed!~  I look forward to meeting you and Kylie. Thanks for the information about her.  I look forward to meeting you all !  Please make sure you give her ample time outside to do her business prior to coming into the building .   It might be a good idea to bring her favorite and familiar treats along for the session.  Also, if she has a favorite toy that is appropriate for water, you might want to bring that, too.  Anything familiar would help her to feel more comfortable. I hope we can help her gain some confidence in the water.  I will try my best for her sake.  Swimming is really the best exercise a dog can do, and is a sport for life.  When walking and running are no longer an option, it’s great if a dog can rely on swimming.  If we can help her to swim now,  it will benefit her for her entire life!

see you on the 204th at 1pm!

So that’s it furiends… My fate is sealed… The 24th is TOMORROW!! You think I can get out of it? Maybe if I give her lots of kisses? Or you think it’s because I wasn’t going inside when she said “Home”? I will! I will! I Promise, just don’t make me go in the water!!! Well I hope you will all keep me in your thoughts tomorrow and send me boyant thoughts so I don’t sink!!

From a very scared Kylie

(Mommy, are you NUTS!?)

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Ok everyone, Mom has been slacking and not letting me post as much as I would like! SO the result is a very long picture filled post (Which should probably be 3 or 4 different posts but Mom is too lazy so she’s putting them all into one! BOL)


First, We wanted to send some love out to Dannan The Little Brown Dog and the Girl… He was “hanging out bored” yesterday and well… I LOVE to do that too!! Although Mom and Dad always seem to make fun of me for it…

Very Lady Like...

Very Lady Like...


The WEATHER! This nice lady we hear talk to us every morning. She tells us to bundle up before we go outside!

Meet Cindy the Weather lady...

Meet Cindy the Weather lady...

We live just to the right of the -1 in the middle!  (HI CINDY)

We live just to the right of the -1 in the middle! (HI CINDY)

When I watch Cindy in the morning with Mom usually I am still really sleepy. Dad loves to make fun of the way I yawn…

Last Friday...

Last Friday...

This morning...

This morning...

I was really sleepy today...

I was really sleepy today...

Does ANYONE like waking up on a Friday??

Does ANYONE like waking up on a Friday??

and honestly when you are warm and cozy in the human bed, why on earth would I get up!?

Maybe we will just play tomorrow and stay in bed today?

Maybe we will just play tomorrow and stay in bed today?

Who stole my covers!?

Who stole my covers!?

Akita's, Mommy said this one is for you because you love my eyes so much!

Akita's, Mommy said this one is for you because you love my eyes so much!

Yes yes, funny dog with a blanket on its head... Moving on...

Yes yes, funny dog with a blanket on its head... Moving on...


on my list to post about is a run-in I had with my Roommate. I don’t post about him much cause usually Mom always tells me “Leave it” after our little nose encounter. (Mom came home to find 2 scratches across my perfect little nose- Happy to say they didn’t scar)

Anyways, Dad and Mom were upstairs brushing their teeth and look who I found…

Can you see him!? Part of the reason for the painting mess being there still is to keep me out of his "treat box" something about it being "yucky"...

Can you see him!? Part of the reason for the painting mess being there still is to keep me out of his "treat box" something about it being "yucky"...



Shhhhh, I'm hunting kitties...  BOL

Shhhhh, I'm hunting kitties... BOL

Ok so next up on our checklist to cover is…


Mom got a few more shots of me out in the snow. Honestly, she thought there was more but since the batteries were dying, we will have to just settle for a couple!

This morning...

This morning...

See Nala!!! I love to shove my head in the snow too!

See Nala!!! I love to shove my head in the snow too!

Guess where I am sitting... Go Ahead Guess!!

Guess where I am sitting... Go Ahead Guess!!

ON THE LAKE!!! IT's SOLID! I can walk and run on it!

ON THE LAKE!!! IT's SOLID! I can walk and run on it!

The sun rise this morning, standing on the lake- See the haze floating in the middle WAY in the back!?

The sun rise this morning, standing on the lake- See the haze floating in the middle WAY in the back!? (Click to see bigger)

(click to see bigger)

(click to see bigger)

So that is all for now my furiends… I have Mom working on getting the video’s she took this morning online so those will be coming later today so be sure to check back. Mom didn’t want to post them cause I wasn’t really listening too good when she would tell me home. But I never want to go back inside in the morning because I know Mom will leave me to go to some fun place she calls Work. She goes there almost EVERY DAY it seems… well, Monday-Friday, which to a dog, is almost every day… I figure if I stay running around outside, she can’t go! BOL

(Note from Mom: I’ve been progressively later and later to work each day this week… when will I learn not to let her off leash in the mornings!?)

Also, I have another announcement to make that I discovered on Mom’s computer… I was doing some spy work and I found out some scary news!

I’ll give you a hint… It’s to prepare me for when the lake isn’t walkable…


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OH BOY! Mom and Dad are sooooo excited! They will be going on this trip with ALL of Dads family July 15-July 19th.

I get to go on a vacation too! We aren’t sure where just yet. I will either go to NH and vacation at Nawnie and Papa’s lake… or I will vacation with Bones and Mr. Fluffy… But after our last vacation with them, Mom isn’t so sure Bones and Fluffy want me back! BOL

Not very doggie related, but Mom just confirmed the time off from work (7/14/-7/20) and now she’s getting in the spirit! Now only if she puts that energy into her weight loss competition so she can fit in a bathing suit! BOL
I PROMISE I will make Mom post a much better doggie post including pictures of me in our recent snow storm soon!


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FINALLY I got Mom to help me to pick a GRAND PRISE WINNER!!!

I would like to thank everyone for playing my game, I can’t wait to have a new contest at my site. I told Mom we will have to do Kylie’s 25 Days of Christmas every year from now on!! Hopefully you can convince your humans to have a contest too!!

Well, without further adieu…

Can I start Mom??

Can I start Mom??

Winner is Addie

Winner is Addie

Addie, I know a lot is going on in your house this week, but I still need to know where you would like to send your blanket and your $25 donation to! Please send an email to my Mom and let her know so she can get it in the mail!

Here are some pictures of yesterday morning! It was the coldest day in years! Only 6 degree’s! Brrr I think I will stay in bed!

Thank god it's Friday!

Thank god it's Friday!

I'll stay here Mom, have fun at work!

I'll stay here Mom, have fun at work!

Mom PLEASE don't make me go outside!

Mom PLEASE don't make me go outside!

AH you found me!

AH you found me!



Happy weekend evfurybuddy! Keep warm!!


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