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So on my car ride with Mom we got into the center of Natick and I started growling out the window. Mom was stopped at a red light and was wondering what I was growling at…

100_5538Can you see what made me so upset?? That is a very strange dog-thing and it wore a scarf and it wasn’t moving…

Then we went to the post office so I could mail my puggletine his present! 100_5539The post office didn’t really have a sign to take a picture of, but this is the common across the street.
100_5540They don’t let doggies in the post office so I had to send Mom in to mail it. This is me after Mom came out. (Don’t worry, she didn’t leave the glass open when she was inside!)

100_5542The nice warm sun feels sooo good. Although,  I am a bit suspicious if Mommy really mailed my love package to my Puggletine!


Next we went over to Bones and Fluffy’s house and took those two out for a walk.

After our walk with the boys Mom and I went up to a little park that was near our old apartment.  Mom thought I might like to run around there for old time sake. 100_5551

This is the top part of the park. There’s a play ground and then a whole soccer field down the other end.


100_5546As you can tell by my tail, I wasn’t too thrilled that just when we pulled up to the empty park a van full of little girls came running around and screaming. There was a lot more snow then mom thought so we didn’t stay long since I wouldn’t leave Mommy’s side.


100_5549Back in the safey of my Jeep!!

100_5555Then we showed up at Mecca!



Mom is such a sucker that I got to pick out my own bone to take home… and then at the check out, they had Valentine teddies on sale, so OF COURSE she had to get me one of those too!100_5561It’s a little puppy head, arms, and legs with a body that’s a red heart that says “Puppy Love”!

100_5568This is the new toy that Mom got for me today since she felt bad that I was being so out of sorts last night. I LOVE IT! I haven’t left it alone since she gave it to me this afternoon. 100_5569


Miss Sis Stella… You’re in big trouble with my Mom… (I am pawsonally super excited!) But look what I walked out to find this afternoon!!


It’s SNOWING!! We went out later tonight and its already covered the whole ground! I didn’t want to come inside and Mom and Dad weren’t pleased cause they were complaining about being cold. PFFFffff!


100_5585When I came in I was quite proud of the snow I found!

I ran zoomies all around the upstairs and even ran them down the spiral stairs and around the down stairs. So Dad said “Put her on the treatmill!”



I love my Treadmill, Boy did I miss you Treadmill!100_5587



100_5593After all that happy running, I was ready for some more of my new toy!!




Mom, you want a turn??

I hope you enjoyed going on errands with me!!  I hope you liked my new toy! I got a bone too from Petsmart but I still haven’t touched it. Mom thinks I faked being sick so I would get more toys! BOL…


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Kylie’s Mom here! Thanks everyone for keeping an eye on the little gremlin! Usually she sleeps with the door to the crate locked, this ‘freedom’ thing is new! I am so glad to hear she was good! She got a brand new bone yesterday and never even touched it! That is SO not like her. She was giving her Dad and I lots of pouty looks and heavy sighs all last night. I just bought her ANOTHER new bone while I was out, and she is LOVING it… I am sure she is going to be showing you all pictures soon!  Incase you missed her live this afternoon, I will try to set up the Kylie cam tonight of her working out on the treadmill. So check back around 7:00-7:30 EST!!

Thanks again!

Hey Evfurry body! I wasn’t feeling so good yesterday and Mom and Dad were a little concerned about me. Rather then taking me on errands today with Mommy she is going to leave me at home when she goes to PT and to walk Bones and Fluffy. She’s gonna leave the Kylie cam on so maybe if you stop by you can leave a comment and let her know how I am doing. She’s a worry wort!


Thanks everyone for helping my Mommy!


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Holiday Monday

So I hope you all had a great Monday! I got to have my Daddy home for the extra day!!100_55001





I got a surprise too! Look what Mom and Dad brought in over the weekend!??!!



100_5516I’m so happy to have my treadmill back! I will have Mom post some new video’s as soon as I get back in shape!

After I worked out a bit on my treadmill I found out I got to go for a walk with my best bud Ditto! Mom and I went over to her house!









Ditto finally came back in but then I had to go home… It was getting close to my dinner time! Can’t be late for that!! I went on a day of errands with Mom today and she even remembered to bring the camera. I will post tomorrow about my big adventures today. Right now, I’m pooped!


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Ok, so here are my swimming videos!!! And some pictures from my Valentines! I got a couple new stuffies too! A “hersey bar” and a white dog!

(Mom is very frustrated at how much quality is lost by uploading it to google and even utube… sorry it is so grainy! It looks normal on MY computer! BOL)

After all that swimming, I even let them use that CRAZY BLOW DRYER ON ME… I refer to it as an Evil Hot Air Snake!







Oh PLEASE Mom, let that be the last post today!? People are gonna start to think I’m NUTS!!

( I got two other Valentines, but I won’t let Mom make another post… BOL!) THANKS NALA!!! 🙂 Mango and PEE WEE, You guys are SOOO funny!! BOL


Licks, (AGAIN)


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Happy Valentines Day Part 2!

Hello Furiends! I went to my last swimming lesson for a while. Mom said until she gets a stable job I won’t be able to go back. But first I wanted to show you ANOTHER Valentine I got when I was out! Isn’t it BEAUTIFUL!?

valentineskylieThat little Ludo is Soooo sweet!!

So here it is, all the footage from my swimming lesson! It’s a good thing I brought Dad with me because I made Mom run laps around the pool so I could try to chase her!

Mom tried to not bog down my BLOG with one picture after another, cause we got LOTS… She gave it the NALA approach! Click if you can’t read all the picture comments!

Click to biggify

Click to biggify

Click to biggify

Click to biggify

Click to biggify

Click to biggify

I have some video too but I didn’t want to keep you waiting TOO long! It might take that lady a while to make them “Acceptable”! (She has to listen to them first to make sure she didn’t say anything stupid, then if she did (which she usually does) she will put music instead! Jeesh lady, they just want to see me SWIMMING!! I don’t know what the big deal is! They should be up in a few hours if I have my way!


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Hooray! It’s here! A day all about loves and kisses and snuggles! (And pressies!) BOL

I am very happy to have all my furiends this special day! I love reading your blogs and going on adventures with you!  Well, as I mentioned I have swimming later today so I will be posting pictures and video of that this afternoon after I dry off. Mommy says Puters and water don’t go together. I keep trying to tell her Kylie dogs and water don’t go together either but doesn’t seem to affect her! Jeesh!

I wanted to post about more lovely Valentines cards I got!

This bootiful card is from Aki and his brother Poopie!

I also got an e-card from the very thoughtful Mona and her Mommy!

monas-vday-cardI made Mommy take me out to the mail box as soon as we got up this morning to see if I had any more out there. (Our mail man doesn’t come up the island so we have to walk a little ways to get our mail!)

There wasn’t anything there but when I got home and checked my bloggie friends check out these pawsome cards!

The OP Pack at their finest!

Oh Bruschi!!!

Oh Bruschi, my little Puggletine!!!

These three Pointers are so cuddly! What perfect Valentines!hazel-vdayscotty-vday1sophie-vday

These brothers are a perfect example of Valentines!


These girls have been showing off their true love since Little Lucie arrived!


Well that is all for now! Maybe I will have MORE valentines when I get back from swimming!! I have to go have a quick brushing so I don’t pollute the pool! Be sure to check back later!!


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I’m Going Swimming!!

*Just a quick update to let you all know I have my 2nd swim lesson tomorrow at Aqua Dog!! And Daddy is even able to come this time because he doesn’t have workies overtime!! I will have lots of video’s and pictures tomorrow afternoon so be sure to check back if you can steal time away from your Valentine!! I will have a special message for my Valentine tomorrow too!! BOL


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Mail for ME?!

I got a lovely Valentines card from my dear friend Coco The Princess!!

coco-the-princessThank you Coco! I hope you have a great day too!
Then I got a pressie in the mail! It was even addressed just to me!!





pupIsn’t he such a stud? I love “bad guys”!!!


pjs3(Oh My Bruschi, you better keep this PG for our younger viewers!! Can we wear matching PJ’s??)


It’s official folks!! You heard it here first, The B-Man is off the market! BOL

(I hope his GF who lives next door to him doesn’t have a blog! BOL)

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Valentine’s Day Mishap

Well evfurry body, I have a little bit MORE disappointing news. The last few days, Mom and I have been working on evfurry ones Valentines Pressie that I was going to be sending out this weekend. But due to the unexpected news that has come, Mom has told me that I will not be able to send out my Valentine Care Packages! I am truly sorry!! BUT we couldn’t let this wonderful holiday pass by without telling all of you how much I love you all!

We took all the tags that were going into your cookie bags and made them into BUTTONS for your BLOG! Isn’t that a great idea?! (I can’t take the credit for that one, Mom felt bad at my pouty face when she said we couldn’t make cookie to send.)

I had mom get everyone’s button all html ready for your blogs so leave me a post and let me know how you want to receive your code!

Again, I am sorry that I couldn’t send you all some yummies, but it doesn’t mean I love you any less!


PS: Mommy says thank you to EVERYONE for all the WONDERFUL comments to yesterdays post! She got salty checks when I showed them to her, but she promised they were happy salty checks!

PPS: Oh, side note: Mom and Dad made me go to the Dog wash and gave me a bath! They said I had to look my best to be a Judge at the Mango Minster…. Mango, You never said anything about having to have a bath to be a Judge!!!??? BOL

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Hello evfurry one! I have lots to post about since my trip to the rabbit-dogs! I even let Bones and Mr. Fluffy borrow my Mom so that they can share “a day in the life of Bones and Fluffy”! Let’s face it, my life is pretty boring! BOL

Well, all that will have to wait for another post. This little post is all for my Mommy. She went to work today and everything seemed normal… I even think her and Bruschi’s Mom were spying on me all day on the Kylie Cam! Yes you two, I could see you! BOL

Well Mom came home a little earlier then normal and she had really yummy checks! They were all salty tasting! I usually give Mommy lots and lots of licks all over when she first gets home and she will lay on the floor and tickle me and throw toys around. But today, she just came home and hugged me. I kept licking her salty cheeks and I heard her say to Dad that she got “laze off”… I don’t know if that’s good but she said she would be home with me for a little while at least! So that’s super great news! I guess those peoples at her Workie don’t need her any more. Maybe they got my letters telling them that I needed her home with me to play with!

Whatever the reason be, I think I will have lots more free time to read your blogs and hopefully I can get Mom to take more pictures of me since she will be my new playmate each day!  That is all for now, be sure to send some licks to my Mom cause all that salty checks are making me thirst! I need to go get a drink!!


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