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I’m back

Well, I am back from our extended vacation with Nawnie and Papa and I’m back online! Just the other night I made Mommy sit her big butt down and read through EVFURRYONES bloggies! ALL the posts we have missed. It took us 2.5 hours but we did it! We are caught up! We didn’t have time to post a reply to each and every post, but please know I loved hearing about all of your adventures! I sure felt like I missed a lot!

*Insert cute Kylie picture here*

Yeah, it’s true, that Mommy of mine lost the camera cord, AGAIN! She swears she brought it to NH and we never used it, so by default it should still be in one of our bags, but she hasn’t found it yet.

Well, the other news that came in right before we took off our unexpected stay at Nawnie and Papa’s was, Daddy got laid off, again! So now Mommy AND Daddy are home with me each day!! What does a Pup have to do to get some peace and quiet to take naps around here!!?? Mommy got even more upset when she found out so we had to take a trip to get away. It was a lot of fun up in NH and Mommy got to see some of her closest college friends, her old roomie! 🙂 I met him too, I growled at him but eventually I was taking treats out of his hand… (with a little growl as I swallowed my treat) BOL  Mommy seemed really happy and we spent lots and lots of time out playing with my soccer ball in the snow!  (these pictures were ones Mommy had on her computer already of me playing with the ball)

I promise I won’t let her reuse pics again in the next post!

So now we are back and I try to sleep as much as I can before those two have me up and off on another adventure or trip.

As soon as I find the camera cord (since obviously Mommy can’t be trusted with it) I will post some more pictures. What fun is a blog without pictures of ME!?! BOL

PS: I Almost forgot! I got my rabbit-dog pressie from Ludo the Sheltie!! It came while we were away but I put Daddy in charge or watching the package and keeping it safe until I got back. Unfortunetly, the pictures are stuck in the stupid camera til I find that cord. I will post as soon as I can! THANK YOU LUDO!

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