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Thank you!

Thanks evfurrybody for checking in on me today! I will be posting more and pics tomorrow!


Kylie the wonderdog!

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Hi evfurryone! I will be on my Kylie Cam around 10:30am est today!

Mommy is going to see her sister and nephews and niece! They even have a wonderful golden retriever named Maggie but I can not go. 😦 They still don’t trust me with the kids. So I will be snoozing for the world to see!

Be sure to leave a comment when you check in on me cause Mommy hasn’t left me since she was working! I think she’s a little nervous! BOL Well, off to get a walk out of her before she leaves!  Be sure to check back!


  • *Pupdate**

Mommy was very nice and took me for a very long walk, but we were running a bit late now. She says she can’t turn on the Kylie cam until she is all done her shower and dressed, whatever that means. BOL

It should be on shortly though!! Sorry for the delay!


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