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I think blog land is in need of a good laugh. Check this out…


And they think hoomans and monkeys are related… No WONDER they have to keep US DOGS around!!!




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Here is my entry for the 100th post contest that the RockyCreekScotties are having.

Here is my GOLD/YELLOW power for Laska!!  Visit Khyra for more info!



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Hello everyone. Mommy and Daddy have been talking about me again and I figured I better bring it to everyones attention what might be going on. Maybe you can help me build my case to Mom and Dad. Here’s what I’ve overheard.

When we moved as most of you remember back in October of 2008 in with my Grandpa and Grandma (Daddy’s Parents) I started getting really itchy. I was always biting at my paws and my legs (And my underside). I would just lay there licking and biting and licking and biting. Now all of you know my Mommy does take good care of me and is always giving me my monthly bath with either Black Dog or Oatmeal Shampoo’s and she gives me a nice trim to keep my furs looking all neat, especally around my paws. Well, I wouldnt stop itching and I ended up having to go to the V-E-T!! She said I didn’t have any signs on my skin of any irritaion  and thought it could just be stress from moving or maybe a mild allergy from something in the new house. She gave me a medicated leave in conditioner to put on after a bath and told Mom to give me some benydril to help stop the immediate itching which was only making it worse. Well time went on and I got better and I didn’t itch as much and stopped feverishly bitting myself.

Guess what??

I’m at it again! I just can’t  help myself. Well, now I hear Mommy and Daddy saying that they think it might be stress again or possible from the new apartment but everything in here is brandie new, and they vacuum almost every other day (Sorry, that black floof just seems to get everywhere!) It also has taken me a few weeks to try to get back on a poo cycle. (See I was holding it until we got back to the lake house, but we never went back so I had to start going here, but I don’t like it so instead of my 2-3 poo’s a day, I’m usually just doing 1 now, which is kinda mushy and slime coated.) Again, this is a problem I had at the old house and the doctor said I was fine.

The debate now is Mommy and Daddy don’t know if I should have to wear a CONE HEAD!! Can you believe it!? I didn’t even have to wear one when I was a pup and got spayed at 7 months! Wouldn’t that just stress me out more???

What do you think?


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A Day of Sorrow

If you have not been there yet, please go visit the OP Pack


Their Princess Dakota has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Dakota, our prayers are with you that you have a safe journey over the Rainbow Bridge and we hope you find K-8, Zoe, and  Chelsea there to great you with tails wagging along with all of our other beloved pets who left this world too soon.

We also send all our love and support to Dakota’s Hooman and K9  family who have lost a piece of who they are.

You have a special place Dear Lord
that I know you’ll always keep
A special place reserved for dogs
when they quietly fall asleep
With large and airy kennels
and a yard for hiding bones
With maybe a little babbling creek
that chatters over stones.
With wide green fields and flowers
for those who never knew
about running freely under
Your sky of perfect blue.
Lord, I know You keep this Special Place
And so to you I Pray,
For one Special Siberian
Who quietly died today
She was full of strength & love
and so very, very wise.
The puppy look she once had
Had long since left her eyes.
She is dearly missed my Lord
By a very good friend of mine.
She went to join her ancestors
To Your land that is Devine
So, speak to Dakota softly please
And give her a warm hello.
She’s a Special gift to you Dear Lord
From all of us, who loved her so.

(Modified from: Jan Cooper 1994)

Kylie & Ali

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I told Daddy that I couldn’t just sit around while everyone was out looking for Laska!  Daddy, roll down the window, I’ll start sniffing…


(How far away is New Jersey??)



Laska lost 1

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Wordless Wednesday

Wait, I thought this car ride was to the park! I smell the DOG WASH!!!

Wait, I thought this car ride was to the park! I smell the DOG WASH!!!


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Ta Da!! It’s me at our new apartment! This is the main entrance which is a great spot for smelling the flowers and keeping a lookout for cars coming up the hill.


This would be the hill that the cars are coming around. The big piles of dirt on the left are part of a big shopping center that will be going in down the road a little further from us called The Shops 9@20. Talk about a good view!

IMG00039-20090613-1821This building is the only building so far that is complete, and this is the building I live in!! WOooF!

IMG00036-20090613-1820This big U shaped building is across the parking lot from mine. It will house the leasing/information center, the gym, the pool and 97 other apartments!!! It is set to be completed in August.

IMG00037-20090613-1821This is my mail box that I like to help walk out to and see if I have any pressies in the mail!! There’s a lot of grass around too that smells sooooo good, sometimes I forget that I have to still go the bathroom!!

IMG00034-20090613-1820This is our building again. That’s the door we usually go in, our apartment is on the other side though so you can’t see the windows.

IMG00011-20090612-1628I love our new home because the windows are perfect height for keeping watch!!! BOL

IMG00014-20090616-1512There is still construction going on behind us, so I look out the window to keep track of the workers and make sure everything is up to code!

IMG00006-20090612-1623I see that extra long coffee break!! Get back to work!!!  WOoF!

IMG00015-20090606-1715This is me on moving day last Saturday. I was sure happy even though I didn’t realize I was saying goodbye to my lake house!!

IMG00013-20090606-1712Just some flowers that were practically falling in the water on my last walk at the old house.

IMG00012-20090606-1706Bye Bye swampy side, it sure filled in with lots of green this spring, huh?!

IMG00010-20090606-1704Bye Lake side, I sure will miss walking by you each day!

IMG00005-20090606-1702Look, even a local resident came out to say goodbye to me and wish me well!!


Bye Mr. Turtle!!

Also, big news! Pink Baby is going to see the Four Musketeers!!  We will be putting a new sidebar graphic up very soon.

So, I thought I would tell you all that Mommy’s back was not better, in fact, on Monday we found out that her spine was still leaking and she had to come home from work and stay laying down. On Tuesday, the doctor had her go back in and she had to get ANOTHER blood patch injection in her back and he said she had to lay flat for at least FIVE DAYS!! She isn’t much fun for me and Daddy is always waiting on her. Even my Nawnie came down for 2 days to help around the house and get things unpacked and organized since Mommy can’t sit up or stand. She crawls to the bathroom on her hands and knees like ME!!! WooF Silly Mommy! I guess she’s not a biped anymore!! BOL  So we have been trying to catch up on all our blog reading and we try to leave comments everywhere so you know I came by but her medicine makes her a little loopy!! BOL

This is me making sure Mommy doesn’t get up tonight.


I will be sure to post more pictures of our new place as soon as Mommy can get up and take me on some adventures!!!

Nurse Kylie

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I just jumped on mommys phone to let you know that Pink Baby made it to my new furiends Mollie and Bobo. Be sure to use the link in the post below to go visit and bark hello!

Kylie, the packing wonder-dog!

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Drum Roll PLEASE…..

Welcome to my new home!!!



Ok, so Mommy and Daddy couldn’t buy that condo that they really liked before but they did promise that we would move to a new place that gave us more room, and a little more privacy then living with Grandma and Grandpa and my Aunt and Uncle.

This is our new apartment!!  If you really want to see some more pictures you can go here.  Those are some furniture that they were just storing in the apartment. Now it’s empty and ready for all my TOYS! BOL  It is in a brand new community development! What a great adventure it will be! I can’t wait to show you more pictures of me exploring my new neighborhood! AND I hope to make some new doggie friends who might even live in my building! WOoF!

Here is the graphic for your side bar for tracking Pink Baby!




I sure hope Bobo and Mollie let Pink Baby know our new address so she doesn’t think we abandoned her!! Those two are super fun! Go check out their fashion show over at their blog! And their lovely new layout! I will be putting a link to them in my FURIENDS sidebar as soon as things calm down around here with all the packing and moving and Mommy still laying in bed a lot!

Ok, I better get back to helping Dad pack since Mom is back at work now.


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Thank you so very much to all of you who gave me good wishes for my fundraiser and to those of you who sponsored me! I was able to raise $150.00 in just 7 Days!!! WOOOOF! I am sure that all the doggies at Baypath will put that to good use! The fundraiser raised a total of $17,506.00!!! What a great event! Mommy is still recovering (see bottom of this post) and so we had gotten there a little on the later side and then we went to go for our walk but Mom was a bit slow. So I was walking with Daddy and Mom caught a couple pictures! There were SO MANY doggies! These pictures don’t do it justice!






There were 2 sibes we saw Khyra!!

There were 2 sibes we saw Khyra!!

Starting off on our walk!

Starting off on our walk!

Thank you for sponsoring me!!

Thank you for sponsoring me!!







Umm Mom you kinda missed...

Umm Mom you kinda missed...


HoooRAY! I Made it! Thank you everyone for your support!

HoooRAY! I Made it! Thank you everyone for your support!

Thank you everyone again! I hope to have Daddy bring my Paw It Forward packages out to the post office tomorrow. So if you are Milo & Paco, Addie, Lucie & Hailey, and Miss Khyra Fluffy Tail… I am sorry it has taken me so long!!

Also, an update on PINK BABY!! After a great adventure up in Canada with Ruby and Penny, Pink Baby is off to meet some new friends, Bobo and Mollie!!

bobo and mollie

be sure to go bark hello!!

Now A quick appoligy as to my lack of posting and reading your blogs. I told you all that Mommy got those big injections in her spine frizbee disk and well apparently the needle tore a hole and her back was leaking cebralspinal fluid. Mommy got very bad headaches all the time and started having a hard time concentrating and spelling and her neck got really stiff. She was home in bed all day Thursday and Friday and had to go get different injections in her spine on Friday afternoon and then was back on bedrest. (the doctor gave her permission to do the Bark in the Park, but then we had to bring her home to lay back down) Here is a picture to give you an idea of what happened:

Ali's Back

She is feeling better in the head, and neck and now she really has to just recover from the shots in the back again and when they took the blood they messed up THREE times on the top of her hand and it took 2 tries on the inside of her elbo. So now her hand and arm are all bruised up! BOL Some Hooman VET!

There is MORE exciting news, but I will wait and try to post that tomorrow! 🙂


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