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Thank you so very much to all of you who gave me good wishes for my fundraiser and to those of you who sponsored me! I was able to raise $150.00 in just 7 Days!!! WOOOOF! I am sure that all the doggies at Baypath will put that to good use! The fundraiser raised a total of $17,506.00!!! What a great event! Mommy is still recovering (see bottom of this post) and so we had gotten there a little on the later side and then we went to go for our walk but Mom was a bit slow. So I was walking with Daddy and Mom caught a couple pictures! There were SO MANY doggies! These pictures don’t do it justice!






There were 2 sibes we saw Khyra!!

There were 2 sibes we saw Khyra!!

Starting off on our walk!

Starting off on our walk!

Thank you for sponsoring me!!

Thank you for sponsoring me!!







Umm Mom you kinda missed...

Umm Mom you kinda missed...


HoooRAY! I Made it! Thank you everyone for your support!

HoooRAY! I Made it! Thank you everyone for your support!

Thank you everyone again! I hope to have Daddy bring my Paw It Forward packages out to the post office tomorrow. So if you are Milo & Paco, Addie, Lucie & Hailey, and Miss Khyra Fluffy Tail… I am sorry it has taken me so long!!

Also, an update on PINK BABY!! After a great adventure up in Canada with Ruby and Penny, Pink Baby is off to meet some new friends, Bobo and Mollie!!

bobo and mollie

be sure to go bark hello!!

Now A quick appoligy as to my lack of posting and reading your blogs. I told you all that Mommy got those big injections in her spine frizbee disk and well apparently the needle tore a hole and her back was leaking cebralspinal fluid. Mommy got very bad headaches all the time and started having a hard time concentrating and spelling and her neck got really stiff. She was home in bed all day Thursday and Friday and had to go get different injections in her spine on Friday afternoon and then was back on bedrest. (the doctor gave her permission to do the Bark in the Park, but then we had to bring her home to lay back down) Here is a picture to give you an idea of what happened:

Ali's Back

She is feeling better in the head, and neck and now she really has to just recover from the shots in the back again and when they took the blood they messed up THREE times on the top of her hand and it took 2 tries on the inside of her elbo. So now her hand and arm are all bruised up! BOL Some Hooman VET!

There is MORE exciting news, but I will wait and try to post that tomorrow! 🙂


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