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Drum Roll PLEASE…..

Welcome to my new home!!!



Ok, so Mommy and Daddy couldn’t buy that condo that they really liked before but they did promise that we would move to a new place that gave us more room, and a little more privacy then living with Grandma and Grandpa and my Aunt and Uncle.

This is our new apartment!!  If you really want to see some more pictures you can go here.  Those are some furniture that they were just storing in the apartment. Now it’s empty and ready for all my TOYS! BOL  It is in a brand new community development! What a great adventure it will be! I can’t wait to show you more pictures of me exploring my new neighborhood! AND I hope to make some new doggie friends who might even live in my building! WOoF!

Here is the graphic for your side bar for tracking Pink Baby!




I sure hope Bobo and Mollie let Pink Baby know our new address so she doesn’t think we abandoned her!! Those two are super fun! Go check out their fashion show over at their blog! And their lovely new layout! I will be putting a link to them in my FURIENDS sidebar as soon as things calm down around here with all the packing and moving and Mommy still laying in bed a lot!

Ok, I better get back to helping Dad pack since Mom is back at work now.


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