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Then play in my 200th post game! Everyone is welcome to play and the GREAT thing about this is going to be EVFURRY one gets to partake, assuming you want to!!

Mommy saw a book at a store for lots of money and she read it and it was a cute picture of a doggie with a funny caption. Now, she thought it was great and really wanted to buy it and scan in the pictures to share with all of you but she just couldn’t rationalize spending kibble moneyies on it… So I said, Mommy, I know LOTS of cute and clever doggies… lets make our own BOOK!!!
Isn’t this a great idea!!??? Would YOU like to be in my book??? I will be accepting pictures (with captions) up until my 200th post. (Please send them to Kylie@BedsandBiscuits.net) Then on my 200th post day, we will have a drawing to see who will get copies of the book mailed to them!! WOoOF! I don’t think I will be able to send EVFURRY one a book, but maybe the top 5. We will post the finish book on the 200th post for everyone to see! I wonder if I can get 200 pictures to put in my book!? Will you help me get there?!

As for your entries, they can be funny, goofy or sad… I will be trying to find some pictures to give you some inspiration along the way! BOL!

"It's hard to be a lapdog, when all the laps are at work all day."

"It's hard to be a lapdog, when all the laps are at work all day."

I hope you will all think this is a great idea!!


Coco the Princess had a good idea, I will keep a count on how many post til my 200th!! 🙂

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