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Did you miss me?

I bet you are all wondering where I have been…

I have been on a remote island made of kibble in the tropic isle of Doggie’s-ville! Where they serve dinner and breakfast all the time and treats grow on trees! And you always have someone to throw a ball and go swimming with you….


JUST KIDDING! If any of you know where that island is, can you book me a ticket??

I have been vefurry busy working on all your entries for my 200th post book contest whenever I can steal Mommy away from Work or her time with Daddy and me! I have gotten LOTS of pictures and have been putting my comic hat on and coming up with lots of captions. Be sure to send your furiends over so they can enter too! I hope to get even MORE for my book!! I will post an updated list really soon.

But first! VIDEOS!

1) I realised I never showed you what was over that big hill

2) Paw it Forward Pressie from Mango and Dex

I think I look pawsitively pawtastic in that necklace from the boys! 🙂

3) Pressie’s from Maggie and Mitch

I was able to be the Eleventh post on their blog and that was the number Maggie picked!! Thank you so much Maggie for my piggie and treats! They are GREAT! (Thank you too Mitch!)

Now you are probably getting pretty bored reading my blog right now with all these videos so I will end it here… and go start another post for tomorrow while I have Mommy’s Attention!! BOL


PS: The lucky Pups to be playing Paw it Forward with me are

Mollie and Bobo


The NY Bully Brats

We figured since that’s 5 doggies, and all who said they wanted to play, it was good enough!
Can you please Pee Mail me your addresses and any likes and dislikes among your pack??!!

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