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Don't forget this FACE!!!

Don't forget this FACE!!!

Well, I have been putting off posting this because I was hoping it wouldnt be true. But, the truth is Mommy and her new workies are not getting along and she has decided to go back to school at night to get into a different “field”. I didn’t know she worked in a field because if she did I think she would have definately brought me along but all well!! Mommy is trying to become a teacher to work with little kids at daycares!! As long as she doesn’t bring any home, I am ok with that. I even said I didn’t mind if it meant I will get less toys and kibble moneys in my account! We will keep reading all your blogs as much as we can but our commenting and posting might drop dramatically until Mommy doesn’t have so much going ons. But I sure hope you will keep checking in on me because you never know what fun surprises might happen that I sneak on to tell you about!!


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