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Kylie’s Mommy here!!! I need some help! Kylie was out playing with her BFF Molly and while she was running to Molly’s Mom she got side tracked by the smell of chicken… she ended up swallowing whole (1.5 inch) mini chicken drumstick! Meat and Bone! By the time Molly’s Mom got to her (in a mear 2 seconds) it was gone!! Well, she seems quite pleased with herself and doesn’t seem to be coughing or anything but I know how dangerous chicken bones can be. I called her vet and they said just watch for coughing and tomorrow to watch for vomiting. Does anyone else have any help or advice!? I’m sure she’ll be fine as she is a fairly large dog… (62-ish lbs) but still, I’m worried…

-Ali (the Mommy)

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