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Reward for Working…

So I have been missing for like over a week! Can you believe that I am THAT far behind in posting?! And it’s not even that I don’t have stuff to say, I DO!!! Like first, for example…

Remember a couple weekends ago when we had 3 days that I worked at the Golden’s house Coatee and GraySea?? Well, on that Monday, Mommy and Daddy took me to the PET STORE so I could pick out reward for being such a good worker with Coatee and GraySea! So check out what I picked:

Check it out! My new LEASH!

Check it out! My new LEASH!

 It’s PINK! Can you believe it?! People will finally figure out I’m a GIRL! See, I have had my blue leash since the day Mommy and Daddy came to pick me up at my foster family. Mommy didn’t buy a girly color cause at the time Daddy didn’t want to be seen walking a little dog on a pink leash! Can you believe that?? Well, I guess he has finally come to grips with the fact that I’m “Daddy’s little GIRL” and he said he didn’t mind walking me with my new leash! WOOooF! (Plus it does have a ‘Manly’ side…)

Modeling my new leash

Modeling my new leash


I'm one happy pup with my new GIRLY Leash!


Showing off the "manly" brown side



We couldn’t find the collar to match and Tibby’s nice Mom had offered to help us make one at the Scruffy Dog Collar work shop, so when Mommy went to the pet store to buy a second leash to send to Tibby… She found a COLLAR! WOOOooFF! Thanks for offering Tibby!

AND Since I had to work this past weekend AGAIN at Coatee and GraySea’s house (can you believe it, 3 more days there!)…. I got to get another reward! Check it out!

I saw over on the Rocky Creek Scottie’s blog (See!! I really am reading all your blogs!) about these pet tags called BOOMERANG TAGS and Mommy thought those were the best idea, so she ordered me one! I used to wear one bone tag for my name and Mommy’s phone number, and one tag for my Microchip identification, and one tag for rabies, and one tag for my Estate community (although Mommy says that one is STUPID so I don’t have to wear it any more!) so to help cut down on the jinggle when I jangle… Mommy put my name, phone number and Microchip ID all on one BOOMERANG TAG. NOW I’m stealthy and I can sneak up and rob a bank… or a cookie jar… or a plate left unattended… 🙂

tag 2


Tag 3



tag 4



Well that is all for now, I will have lots more to tell you but between all Mommy’s things, she’s out of the house for 14 hours a day!!! When does she find time to NAP??? I have been hanging out with Daddy and we are getting ready for my BIRTHDAY!!!!! 10 DAYS AWAY!




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