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Pink Baby has been very busy over in Oregon, United States with Dozer, Cooper, and Dottie. She has been nursing Dozer back to health.

She always makes me feel better so I am sure he is already feeling better! Those furry nice pups also got Pink Baby a very lovely medal to wear of St. Francis. He is the patron Saint of animals (they said real and stuffed!!) I sure hope he protects my Pink Baby on the rest of her adventures and travels! Thank you so much for looking out for her, that was sooo thoughtful!

I found out that Pink Baby is on her way to New York to visit Hoover the “Battery Powered Dog”.

Hoover is a very special dog and we love his story. He actually has a pacemaker in his HEART! I am sure he will show Pink Baby a WONDERFUL TIME! I can’t wait to read and see all about it!

It has been a long time since I sent Pink Baby on her first adventure to visit Tank


We wanted to repost some of the rules that go alone with Pink Baby and her travels around the world because I have found that the Adeventures of Pink Baby has spread to more and more doggies and some of them might not have know me when Pink Baby started her jounrey!

The rules for Pink Baby and the story behind her adventure are found on my blog: Where in the World is Kylie’s Pink Baby!?

I LOVE my little pink stuffed doggie. (Mommy: Kylie actually has had multiple babies because she tends to love them so much, they fall apart!) Now that I have so many furends around the entire WORLD I wanted to prove to Mommy and Daddy that my doggie furends expand all over! I would like to start a new game of sorts if you would like to play with me!! Here is how it will work. I would like to send Pink Baby on an ADVENTURE!! I would like her to come and see YOU! I will pack Pink Baby up with all her supplies (she doesn’t need much) and send her to the first person who replies to this post saying they want to play!

Once you get Pink Baby, it is your job to show her a good time! She will stay with you for ONE WEEK!! You have to take her out and take pictures of her adventures with you and post them on your blog so I can show Mommy and Daddy that I really do have furends all around!! Maybe you can even show her a meal that is a tradition in your part of the world or other cultural experiences!

Once your week is up, I ask you to post a blog to see where Pink Baby will go next. She travels to the first person who replies to your request. There will be a journal in the package. I would love it if you could maybe add an entry in her journal so when she gets home I can read all about her adventures and keep it as a great keepsake of all my friends.

I sure hope that this is a game that you will want to play with me! I would love to see how many places Pink Baby will go and how many NEW furends her and I might make!


Well, that is about it for now,  I will be back tomorrow hopefully with more on my upcoming BIRTHDAY!!


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