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And the Winners Are!!!

I bet you are all wondering what the HECK happened to me!! Some of you might have seen my cameo appearance over on Mango’s blog! Isn’t that exciting! I got to meet the mommy of the Relentlessly Huge?!  I will post some more pictures of that soon… But there is some important business to address here and now before Mommy comes up with some NEW reason on why she can’t help me post!!

First, The winner for the week of 12th through the 19th. Drum Roll Please….


Now, on to the next weeks winners! FOR CHRISTMAS!!

Kylie’s 25 Days of Christmas – Winner Week 4
Uploaded by Ali2005FSC.


I bet you can’t believe it!! I am so excited!! I am so sorry that it has taken me this long to get the Mommy to get this IMPORTANT business taken care of!

Now, guess what?! It’s time for the GRAND PRIZE DRAWING!! *Chasing my tail with excitement!*

The winner for each week was entered in…

I double checked to make sure that all four winners were entered. You can probably see from the picture, Khyra, Morgan & Maisie, Mochi and the OP Pack were all put in the Magical Stocking! BOL

Daddy, your help again???


Congratulations Mochi!! I will be making a $25 donation to a shelter or rescue of your choice!!

I wanted to take a moment to thank each and every one of you who played!!! I wish I could have sent you ALL a pressie this holiday season! I will be posting about the blankets we will be sending once we get emails from all the winners to see where they will be going!

I hope you all have had a great holiday and are ready for another year of FUN!!


PeeS: Mommy didn’t get her five golden rings for christmas, she didn’t even get one special ring… BUT she did get this!!!

So hopefully there will be lots more posting with GREAT pictures on the way!!

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