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A trip to the V-E-T

On Saturday Mommy said “Kylie, do you want to go for a car ride?”

Of course I said YES!!!

I wonder where oh where we are going?! The store, the park, Nawnie and Papa’s? There are so many fun places to go!

Wait just a minute… What does that sign say??


I can’t believe that this is what she thought would be a fun Saturday morning!?

This is me sitting on the bench in the waiting room being a good girl! I have lost some more weight too! I am 53.9 lbs!! WooooF! That’s a big improvement from my last annual visit in April when I was 63 LBS and my V-E-T said I was F-A-T!! You can read about that horrible visit at the link above.

Well I had the waiting room to myself until a woman came in with a small box… that MEOWED! My ears went up and I tilted my head and the woman laughed at me. She saw me doing some of my command work with Mommy (It helps me focus and be less nervous) and she asked about what kind of doggie I was because I was very beautiful and well behaved.  It made Mommy smile and I wagged my tail to her.

Just hanging out in the exam room doing commands.

Did you hear that Mom, I think someone is coming!

Sensitive doggies beware of the follow!!

(You may want to cover your eyes)


Yes, Little Miss Kylie had to wear a muzzle. I actually was a very good girl and was more social to the techs then I have ever been to meeting new strangers. (even when the darker haired lady Sheryl DeAngelis took my temperature you know where!!)

But when she said a tech had to HOLD ME for the blood draw, Mommy thought it would be best to just put it on. I started to give the nice blond hair lady named Adel Molnar the evil eye when she put her arm around me. I mean, honestly, we JUST met, and you already want to HUG and HOLD me! I’m not that kinda girl!

She held my leggie for a little bit just to make sure no bloods came out on my furs. The whole process was only a couple minutes and then the muzzle was off and those nice ladies were giving me treats! Mommy told them all about you guys and Dogs with Blogs (and why she was taking pictures of my torture!) They even asked for my bloggie address and said they would look it up!! How cool is that!? Well, if you are reading this: Thank you Sheryl and Adel for being so nice to me and giving me treats. I forgive you for sticking me in the bum and stealing my bloods! WOooooF! 🙂

After they left we were waiting for Dr. Moynihan to come in. Mom thought she would show you some of the things on the walls. This weight chart was one of the things that really scared Mom when she saw I was 60lbs. It made my life SHORTER!

We also took the Kitty one for some of my kitty friends

Here is the color code Key:

So maybe it will help some of your Mommy and Daddy’s step up the pace and get you to loose those extra pounds.

Doggies Beware!! Remind your humans even though we beg for EVERYTHING. They need to remember that not all human food is good for us doggies!!

Wooo Ammy did you get a good laugh at that one? Tooth or Consequences?!  WOooo
Preston this sign made me think of you! I am sad to hear you are leaving Boston already!!

This one didn’t come out so good. but it says “Dogs in all 50 States have been diagnosed with Heartworm Disease” So I sure hope all my furiends are using some form of flee and tick medicine! And even my furiends not in the States!

There she is! That is my nice VET doctor lady!! We had already done my exam. She felt me all over and said I had a girly waist and I was doing a great job on my diet. I got 2 shots on my rear but I didn’t need to wear the muzzle again. Mommy just petted my head and when it was done, Dr. M gave me TREATS! Yummm

May I have another please?!

Dr. M said that she was just so impressed with my overall change and improvement in my demeanor. I used to be the doggie who would hide under the chair and have to be pulled out to be examined and very very scared. She said Mommy had done a great job over my 3 years with her becoming more confident and social. She has never seen me just walk up to her and offer my paw! 🙂

We headed out and paid and then we went out to the yard to have a quick potty break and I ran into this fella.

Wooo. He is a mini version of a HUGE sculpture we pass on Rt. 495 when we go up and down to Nawie and Papa’s in NH. We will try to get a picture of the big one next time we go up!

Thanks for coming to the VET with me!


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