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We don’t really watch sports in our house. But sometimes I have to make those silly humans break the rules and lets PLAY!!

(The community peoples got mad about some (Mean) doggies running loose so now Mommy makes me were this big long yellow thing when we want to play outside. That way no one can complain that I’m loose. BLAH! I say it gets in the way of my runnings.

I’ve got you NOW soccer ball!! You can’t get out of the jaws of Kylie!!

Woo, what’s this smell over here…

No fair Daddy, no using hands!!!

Nom Nom nom

I’ll get it!

Are you gonna kick it??

Go ahead daddy, kick it, I dare you…

Can’t fool me, I’m ready!!!

Throw it throw it throw it throw it…. (Note the happy tongue)

This blur is me running BOL

I caught you!!!

Hey, wait… get back here ball!!


Daddy thought he was soooo smart by kicking the ball up the hill for me to chase, cause then I had to chase it when it rolled down!!

That’s it soccer ball, your days are numbered!!!

I sure do love afternoons playing soccer with my Mommy and Daddy.

See you all soon!!!

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