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We got the keys!! I have been going back and forth to my new place a bunch so far this weekend and Mommy says there are even more trips tomorrow!  We are pretty pooped out right now, but on our walk this evening we saw that the Community Peoples have put up a flag. We thought we would share it and remember why we get this lovely long weekend!!

Have fun and be SAFE!!

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Tuesday Follow Up

Here Chip-e-munk, Here Chip-e-munk...

I will wait right here chip-e-munk...

bye bye house, time for a ride!

Let's go faster Papa!!

I just love the wind in my face!!


This is the best day ever!

Vroooom! there goes another boat!

Was that a duck!?

Papa started going really fast! I thought it would be safer if I hung out in back with Daddy!

Captain Papa!


*Happy Sigh....

Family Picture

Family Shot 2

Remember the doggie that was at my VET's?? This is the big one we passed on the way home on Rt. 495

The mini doggie at my VETS

Thanks for coming for a boat ride with me and my family!!  I hope you didn’t get sea sick!! BOL

Kylie the First Mate

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Monday Catching Up

We had great weather up at Nawnie and Papa's!!

Papa getting the boat ready to go in the water!!

Patriotic Spirit

Nawnie was supervising Papa, so I thought I would get some lovin'

But Mommy! The chip-e-munk went under there!!!

Me and Mommy

I love going to NH!!

If you look out the window you can see a little motor canoe going by!

We went to this cute little country store because that's what you do when you are in New Hampshire- BOL

Me and Dad enjoying the lake

Ummm Dad?!?!?!

Mommy trying to take a self portrait!

Heading out on the first Boat Ride!!

Check back tomorrow to see the rest of the pictures from our boat ride!!

A wishing she was back at the lake Kylie

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Farwell Max Dog

Run free sweet Maxdog.


With heavy hearts; and a tear in our eyes
after all these years; we must say goodbye
Please understand; we’ve done all we could
if there was anything we could do; you know we would

I’m sitting right here; gently rub your ears
while I talk to you softly; trying to hold back the tears
The memories you gave us; we’ll never forget
especially the ones; of the day we all met

One last hug; and one last kiss
you have no idea; how much you’ll be missed
To look into your eyes; this one last time
you tell me it’s ok; you know it’s your time

Close your eyes now; and go to sleep
we’ll pray to the Lord; you’re soul he’ll keep
Go in peace now; our good friend
we’ll stay right here with you; until the end

Dream of that special day and time
when we’ll meet at the Bridge; and all will be fine
We’ll run and play; side by side
with a soft warm feeling; deep down inside

Your memory will live on; in each one of us
you’ll always be number 1; to all of us
Have a safe journey; through the night
I promise when you awake; you’ll be in God’s light

So with heavy hearts; and tears in our eyes
just for now my friend; we say goodbye

-John Quealy

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Busy Busy Busy

Well, I didn’t nap this whole time… Although, that might have been a little nice. Mommy has been super duper busy with work at the kiddy kennel keeping her there late at night and packing and she was throwing a ‘shower’ for her sister-in-law, Bones and Fluffy’s Mommy! I don’t know why their Mommy would want someone to throw a shower at her. It sounds kinda like a bath. I think it would be more fun if my Mommy threw her a tennis ball, or maybe even a Wubba… but what do I know, I’m just a dog. Mommy told me that Bones and Fluffy are in for a great surprise! They are going to be getting a little SISTER sometime the first week of July! They don’t really like it when I come and stay so I don’t know how they are going to like having a sister move in with them. Here is a couple pictures from the ‘shower’, maybe you can make sense of them, I couldn’t find any water.

Mommy came up with a poem for the back of invite that she designed asking everyone to bring a book for the baby. Bones and Fluffy's parents are really into reading and are super duper smart.

Mommy made all these paper bottles and bought a photo album. She asked the guests to write advise to the new Mom and she put it together with pictures from the night to give to her as a keepsake.

Even Bones and Fluffy's Daddy showed up and help open the last couple presents!

Mommy's cousin Emily is a FABULOUS baker and hand made this entire cake!! Even the butterflies, which you can EAT! (Note* Mommy didn't even bring me one to try!)

Isn't the detail amazing. Mommy swore it was the best cake she has tasted! It took Emily 2 days to make it all!

I would say it's a family portrait, but we are missing Bones and Fluffy!!!

Well thanks for letting me share what has been keeping my Mommy soooo busy… oh, the other thing that is keeping us busy… well… see for yourself…

Ummm Mom, I think you need to take a break, I don't really need to be moved in a box, do I?!?!

I promise I will try to share the pictures from my super duper weekend in NH with Nawnie and Papa soon!! Please bare with us! We get the keys to the new apartment ON FRIDAY!! That’s only 5 days away!! We are in super duper crunch time baby!!
Kylie in a Box

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A very tired

(I have LOTS more pictures to share from our quick visit to NH to see Nawnie and Papa!!! But first a nap…)

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As some of you might have read about or seen on TV about the recent oil spill. An explosion ripped through the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig in the Gulf of Mexico on April 20, killing 11 of the 126-person crew. A fire raged for about 36 hours before a second blast sank the rig on April 22. The well’s blowout preventer failed to activate, resulting in an oil leak that officials currently estimate is occurring at a rate of about 5,000 b/d. The rig was working BP’s Macondo prospect in 4,993 feet of water, about 40 miles offshore Venice, Louisiana.

This is very sad news for so many reasons. With out getting into all the polly-ticks, I do know that people lost their lives and thousands of animals will probably suffer due to this tragedy.

But there is something that us doggies (and even your humans) can do to help!!

Are you ready for my idea??

There is an organization called Matter of Trust. This group is working to help stop the spread and clean up the oil. They need FUR!!! (or they also accept other “natural fibers” horse hair, feathers… please, no other garbage or contaminants in with the hair/fur/ wool fibers.)

I know most of us pooches (well, at least me) don’t love to get brushed, but I am willing to sit through a grooming or two if Mommy will send my furs to help save the animals!! This is where you come in! We need your FURS!! Anyone can follow the link at  Matter of Trust and sign up, it’s free and easy!! They will give you an address as to where the furs are needed the most. If you don’t want to sign up on the website, you could just send your furs to me and I will box them all together and ship them off in DWB’s name!!

Please ask your parents to take a a little time to give you a nice massage and brushing and lets see how much furs we can collect and send!!  Things are busy with the boxes and packing but I’m sure Mommy will let me keep one box to put all the furs in!! If you like my idea please spread the word to your friends. WoooF!

I sure hope you all like my idea!


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I hope all you Mommies had a wonderful day with your children, with or without furs!!


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