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Here I am. Minding my own business…

Finding some great smells…

When I go in for a great roll!!!

And then…. The next thing I know…

She soaked me with the hose!!! And shampooed me OUTSIDE!!! IN PUBLIC!!!

I’ll get you back for that!!! *SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE!!!!

No I’m not speaking to you, I will NOT look at the camera!!

What? You said “Treat??”

That’s it!! I demand to be let inside before someone sees me!!

Open Door Open Door Open Door…

Please!!! You have thumbs!!

A very soggy Kylie

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This is supposed to be MY DOG BLOG…

Why does she keep posting pictures of this “BABY”????

I mean really, my readers are fellow pups and no one wants to see “HER”!!!

Ok ok, I will let you post THOSE… but that is IT!! AND I get to post pictures of her brothers!! Both are single ladies!!

Bachelor #1

Mr. Fluffy

He is a true gentleman!

Fluffy said he is blaming all the white furs on his muzzle on his new baby sister, but since she was only 3 days old then, I think some of it might be because his parents think he is almost 7 years old!! Sorry Big Guy!!!

Bachelor #2


Don’t let that rough exterior fool you! He sure is a sweetheart!! He likes to talk a lot… he just has one default noise which is this growly “Grrr Grr Grrr” sound. His Parents think that when Nora gots to school and is asked “What sound does a doggie make?” and Nora will say “Grrrr GrrrrGrrrrr” BOL!!!

Now that there is a new baby in their pack they are learning to live with little Nora. Fluffy, he’s still on the fence on if he likes her or not. I think he wouldn’t mind sending her back to the Baby Stork. Bones on the other hand has taken a VERY big interest in this new little pack member. He won’t let her out of his site!!

Not even when she’s getting her stinky diaper changed!!

Yup, he sure is taking the job of Big Brother VERY seriously!!

Ok, I sure hope the next time I post it doesn’t have anymore Baby Pictures and has many More Kylie pictures!

Oh, this is me, so yous don’t forget!

Yup, it’s pretty stinking hot, this is all I’m doing.

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*Note: These were actually taken a couple days before it got REALLY REALLY HOT!! I haven’t dared to go outside other then to do my business super duper fast and get back inside thanks to the magic window boxes!!


PeeS: Mommy is still all googlie over baby Nora and insisted that I include this following picture. She made her first “public appearance” at  the 4th of July Family cookout at only 5 days old!!

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We are busy getting into the 4th of July spirit!!

I see lots of my friends enjoying this tasty treat called Water-mellon… Mommy says she doesn’t like Water-mellon and that’s why we don’t have it in the house too often. But for the holiday Daddy came home with a HUGE Water-mellon!!

Mommy cut me some up and it sure smelled good!!

Okay Okay, I’m looking at the camera!! Give me some of that Water-mellon!!

For ME???

Oh my goodness….

Come to Mama!!! ( I kept moving so pardon the blurry picture!)



Soo good!!

Please Mom, can I have some more!?

Here I come…




Oh please, I will pose for the camera, just give me some MORE!!!




Mommy loves my eyes in this picture!!

I sure hope you are enjoying your 4th of July weekend as much as I am!!!!
Please be safe and tell your humans to be too!!
PeeS: Mommy wanted to dedicate a whole post to some news she got but I said she could just add it here…
Member when I showed you pictures of a waterless shower?? It was for my cousins Bones and Mr. Fluffy?? Well guess what??!! They have a new Pack Member!!

Everyone, say hello to little Nora!!!

Eleanor was born on Wednesday June 30th at 12:41pm. She weight 7lbs 10.8 oz and was 21 inches long.
Both Mom and Baby (and Dad too) are happy and healthy although Nora did develop a bit of Jaundice but seems to be doing find and is at home with her brothers Bones and Mr. Fluffy.  I hear they are quite interested in their new Sister and like to tilt their heads at her when she makes sounds!! Mommy should be going to visit with them today or tomorrow and she will try to post more pictures, if I allow it… I’m still deciding.


Mommy holding her second niece at the hospital Thursday Night.

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