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More Snow = More Problems

Hi Evfurry buddy.We are just buried with all this snow here in Master Chew Sits. (Luckily Mommy doesn’t thing today was as bad as they predicted!) Our neighbor/landlord/bestest friend took some pictures earlier this morning so I thought I would share some with you since Mommy is been a total slacker and not taken many pictures at all so you can see how much snow we have.

It’s hard to tell, but the snow is really deep!! Russ parks his car on the yard to make it easier to use his blower thingy on the driveway.

That ice is really getting thick along the gutters!! Mommy keeps knocking down the icicles so Jimmy and I can eat them no one gets hurt if they fall.

The snows is as high as the roof of Russ’s shed. (Mommy thinks that a bunny or some critter lives under there, because Jimmy and I always pull her over to have a good snoofing underneath!

Our Bridge

This is the front of our house. Can you see the porch steps… oh no, you can’t because there is a 5+ mountain of snow in front of my house!! I am going to make Mommy go out theres tomorrow with me and try to take some pictures with ME in them for reference!!

That is what is left of our mailbox!! We are the white/yellow one on the very end!! Our mailman isn’t gonna be able to deliver my mail if we keep getting more snow!!! How will I get my Pressies?? What Mom, I have no pressies coming?!?! Well anywho!!!

That be the side of the house with MY Jeep. Can you see how much snow there is along the sides? It’s as tall as my Jeeps (Which makes Mommy use HOB words while she usually tries to back out. Nice Daddy turned her car around last night for her!!)

The snow is climbing up the roof of the little car tent!!! I hope it doesn’t cave in…

The other scary news with all this snow is we were hearing reports of roofs caving in. Well, we were right up close when the roof across the street from us collapsed on a great big construction warehouse!!

Uh Oh!





There were lots of people there to help. Mommy said we couldn’t go help…





Well that is about all the exciting things I have to share. We have just been staying warm inside, chewing bones and wrestling to keep Mommy and Daddy on their toes!! 🙂

Hopefully I will have more pictures to share soon- WITH ME IN THEM!!




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