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My new…


Yes, it is official now… Jimmy has found is forever home and well… my parents are FOSTER FAILURES!!

We have not officially announced that Jimmy will be staying until now because as you all know my Mommy lost her job at the Kiddy Kennel in November” and Daddy has been out of work for a long time too. It sure is great having everyone home all the time, although it does cut into my beauty sleep! Mommy and Daddy both agreed that it wasn’t responsible for them to get another doggie while they are both not working. So they have been looking and looking and looking for a Job. I guess they are harder for humans to find because I always thought my job was eating and sleeping and playing!! Well, the thing is, one of those kiddy kennels called my mommy back this morning and said “YES we want you to work for us!!” Soooo That means that Jimmy can officially stay here forever and ever as my little brother!!

I even shared my stick I found with him to celebrate!!

I wonder what kinda trouble we can get into…


Well, I sure hope you are as excited as me, Mommy got a job and I got a brother!!! We hope to have a special give a way to celebrate so stay tuned!!

Licks & Puppy Kisses,
Kylie & My New Brother JIMMY!

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