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Quick update & WINNER

we got our power back yesterday but we just got our internet back today!! We are all well and the estate is ok and Mommy was glad she didn’t have to throw all the foodables in the magic cold box away!! Hooray!!

Most of you know that my mommy was starting work at a new kiddy kennel back in the end of the February. Well that place was really not safe for the kiddlets and Mommy couldn’t stay working there. She was very unhappy and felt bad for the kiddlets so she left since the owner of the kiddy kennel was more worried about money papers then the safety of the kidlets.

So we have been having a real hard time this summer since Mommy and Daddy were both out of works. Which is why we havent been posting too much. We don’t have a whole lot to talk about.

Well good news has been in the works and Mommy has been meeting with a local family and they hired her as a Nanny!! She’s gonna go to their house and take care of THREE kiddlets! Today was Mommy’s first day and she had a lot of fun.

We are sure gonna miss her lots and Jimmy isn’t sure what is gonna happen because he’s always had mommy home!! Wish us luck adjusting to a new routine and we will def try to get better at posting. 🙂

We got a winner for the goodie bag too. We just used Random.org- we hope you don’t mind.

Congrats Tank! Can you email us your address again!? Thanks!

Licks & Puppy Kisses,

Kylie & Jimmy



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Hello Irene…

Well, she came!!
Jimmy kept a lookout at the window.


All morning our power would go out, then turn right back on…. It did that about 5 times… But the fifth time at 11:47am, it didnt come back on!!!


Later in the after noon we heard a big crack and crash… One of our trees broke!





By about 5pm the most of the rain was done  and we came to grandma and grampas house a few towns over because they are some of the few around who still have power. Lots of trees down and thousands without power!

They say it could be a couple days to a week before all the power to come back.



We are posting from moms phone while sleeping on the floor at grandma and grampas. We will try to update you when we get power.

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She’s Coming….

And there is no stopping her! Irene the big storm is headed our way.

Mom hasn’t been following it too much because it could change paths so easily. But now it’s almost here and one way or another we are gonna get some of her wrath! It’s already pretty stormy out and the storm isn’t even here yet!

(We live just to the west of BOSTON)


We went for our afternoon walk in the pouring rain (Mom says she will get pictures of us in our rain gear! Jimmy looks like a total doofus!)


Mom and Dad went shopping so we got lots of essentials, non perishable snacks and waters and MORE DOG KIBBLE & TREATS!!!

We sure hope all our friends who are in the storm now are safe and hopefully it won’t be so bad as they are saying. Our biggest concern- well the HUMANS- biggest concern is loosing power because that would be really really boring with no TV’s and no internets!!

We got candles and flash lights and boardgames and books out on the table, just in case. Mom says it’s a great day to snuggle up with some tea and a good book and 2 very cute (and currently soggy) doggies!

Licks & Puppy Kisses,

Kylie & Jimmy


PS: Tune in later to find out who won the goodie bag from Jimmy’s party – the entries were
-Maggie Mae
-Maggie & Mitch
-Bobo & Meja

That’s who let us know they posting the badge on their blog!

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We are super busy celebrating Jimmy’s birthday…

but we wanted to come on and let everyone know we really appreciate all the birthday wishes!!

Don’t forget, if you post about Jimmy’s birthday bash and put his badge on your blog post for today Sunday Aug 21, you get entered into a drawing for a party goodie bag!! (Be sure to leave us a comment letting us know you did in order to be entered!)

So what are you waiting for??

Have a pupcake!!!

Look at all the loot Mommy and Daddy and I got for Jimmy! I sure hope he shares some of those treats with me!! Don’t you just love his new collar??!!

I think he looks smashing in it!

We had some fun playing in the yard and Mom  says we get to eat pupcakes a bit later! We’ll be sure to post more about Jimmy’s birthday adventures!!

Licks & *BIG BOY* Puppy Kisses,

Kylie & Jimmy

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I wanted to sneaks on here and tell you all what I have been up too! Mommy and I have been busy working in the kitchen getting ready for Jimmy’s BIRTHDAY! I gave my bestest puppy dog eyes to Mommy and BEGGED her to help me make my little brother some PUPCAKES for his party! (Between you and me though, there won’t be much of a party except me, him and Mom and Dad!) I’m no dummy! If I help Mom make him Pupcakes, that means I get to help him EAT Pupcakes!! Let’s get to work!!

First, here are all the things you will need. It just so happened we had them all laying around the kitchen!

Then, you have to shred the carrots and mash the bananas! Boy does this part smell really good!

(Mommy mashed the banana after the picture, something about it not looking as appetizing…)

Then you mix all the dry ingredients in one bowl and all the wet ingredients in another bowl like so:

Be sure to mix them up real goods!

After that you have to mix the wet stuff into the dry stuff real carefully.
(There are no pictures to this step because Mommy wasn’t so careful and um, kinda made a big mess! BOL)

In the end, it should look like this!

yummmm- can you smell it??

Trust me it smells delish!! Even Mommy is watering… ok- well maybe not yet- but I’m sure she will once we get these in the oven!

First we have to scoop them into the Pupcake tin. Daddy has tins that he loves- but they are GIGANTIC and Mommy said NO WAY! That’s too big for little pups like us, so she went and dug around in the attic until she found these,

They are  perfect size! You might even be able to get 2 or 3 when they are that small!! BOL

Into the oven you go little ones!

Now the hard part, the waiting….

Be sure to come by the blog tomorrow to see the finished product! I’m sure we will have lots left over!  If you want to come to my little brothers birthday tomorrow- just throw up this badge on your post for Sunday August 21st and leave us a comment to let us know you did! Well we wish we could give you all goodie bags for coming, but what we WILL do is put every blog who posts Jimmy’s Birthday Bash Badge on their blog on Sunday August 21 in a drawing to win a super goodie bag we can send to you! Thanks everyone for celebrating with us and making this the best 1st birthday a little rescue pup could ask for!!




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It’s almost here…

Can you feel the excitement?!

I’m so happy I feel like I’m in the clouds!

You’ll be sure to come to my party right??
Puppy Kisses,


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Party Attire…

So, tell me the truth…

Kylie say’s I should wear these for my birthday party…


Is she serious?

Puppy Kisses,


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