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She’s Coming….

And there is no stopping her! Irene the big storm is headed our way.

Mom hasn’t been following it too much because it could change paths so easily. But now it’s almost here and one way or another we are gonna get some of her wrath! It’s already pretty stormy out and the storm isn’t even here yet!

(We live just to the west of BOSTON)


We went for our afternoon walk in the pouring rain (Mom says she will get pictures of us in our rain gear! Jimmy looks like a total doofus!)


Mom and Dad went shopping so we got lots of essentials, non perishable snacks and waters and MORE DOG KIBBLE & TREATS!!!

We sure hope all our friends who are in the storm now are safe and hopefully it won’t be so bad as they are saying. Our biggest concern- well the HUMANS- biggest concern is loosing power because that would be really really boring with no TV’s and no internets!!

We got candles and flash lights and boardgames and books out on the table, just in case. Mom says it’s a great day to snuggle up with some tea and a good book and 2 very cute (and currently soggy) doggies!

Licks & Puppy Kisses,

Kylie & Jimmy


PS: Tune in later to find out who won the goodie bag from Jimmy’s party – the entries were
-Maggie Mae
-Maggie & Mitch
-Bobo & Meja

That’s who let us know they posting the badge on their blog!


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