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Quick update & WINNER

we got our power back yesterday but we just got our internet back today!! We are all well and the estate is ok and Mommy was glad she didn’t have to throw all the foodables in the magic cold box away!! Hooray!!

Most of you know that my mommy was starting work at a new kiddy kennel back in the end of the February. Well that place was really not safe for the kiddlets and Mommy couldn’t stay working there. She was very unhappy and felt bad for the kiddlets so she left since the owner of the kiddy kennel was more worried about money papers then the safety of the kidlets.

So we have been having a real hard time this summer since Mommy and Daddy were both out of works. Which is why we havent been posting too much. We don’t have a whole lot to talk about.

Well good news has been in the works and Mommy has been meeting with a local family and they hired her as a Nanny!! She’s gonna go to their house and take care of THREE kiddlets! Today was Mommy’s first day and she had a lot of fun.

We are sure gonna miss her lots and Jimmy isn’t sure what is gonna happen because he’s always had mommy home!! Wish us luck adjusting to a new routine and we will def try to get better at posting. 🙂

We got a winner for the goodie bag too. We just used Random.org- we hope you don’t mind.

Congrats Tank! Can you email us your address again!? Thanks!

Licks & Puppy Kisses,

Kylie & Jimmy




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