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Hey everybuddy, it’s me, Jimmy!!

You will never guess where we got to go yesterday! The VET!! I had such a great time! It wasn’t our usual vet!  We used to always have to get into the Jeep and drive from our town to Kylie and Mommy’s old town Natick (about 30 min). This time, we just hopped in the car and went down the street.

When we got there, I met a super cute little yellow lab girlie who was really wanting to play with me, but you could tell she didn’t feel so good. So our moms kept us apart. Kylie was with me too, because she takes a long time to like people and we figured if she just got to tag along with me and see that I wasn’t scared, maybe she wouldn’t be scared when she has to come for reals. I think she was a little jelly of the yellow labbie girl… she kept coming over and trying to push me out of the way and giving that girlie a mean look. What can I say, all the ladies luv me! wooof! (Sorry no pics of her, mom forgot she had her phone to take photos)

Well after my girlie friend left it was time for us to go into another room. It was really big and had a funny table in the middle and a big window that went all the way down to the floor so we could keep an eye out.

Daddy came with us and he was holding Kylie and telling her to be brave.

Come on Kylie, it’s not that bad here!

This table looks a little crazy!

I wonder if there are any treats up there!!

Mom, do I really have to be here???

So Mom, what are we doing here? Let’s get this show on the road!

My new Vet lady is named Ms Cathy. She was super duper nice and guess what!? When she came in I gave her my Jimmy wiggle welcome complete with Kisses! And guess who else came right over to sit and say hello?! Without so much as a peep! Miss Kylie!! We were all very excited that Kylie felt that comfortable around her.

She made that table go down to the floor and said if I could stand on it, she would give me treats!  Consider it done!

So where is my treat?

I can sit, no problem!

Then she brought a friend in and they were both holding me and petting me on the high table and then guess what!

It’s nice to meet you!

Wait, what are you doing back THERE??

I also had to get a shot in one back leggie and they stole my bloods from the other back leggie. But I was super brave and didn’t even flinch! Mommy just kept looking at my face and telling me what a good boy I was. I have to go back in a couple weeks to get one more shot in my leggie, but I’m not worried!

You want to hear the BESTEST news we hear from the vet? She said that I need to eat MORE! BOL Kylie was told she was FAT at her vet but my new vet said I am too skinny and we are going to up my food to 3 CUPS a day! (Right now I only get 2 cups, 1 in the morning and 1 at dinner.) So we hope that helps me fill out, but they also want to look at my poops… Those humans sure can be pretty weird. So we will bring her some because if I don’t put on weight from eating more she thinks there might be little monsters inside me that are stealing all my foods! We will keep you posted if I have monsters inside me. But for now, I am a happy healthy guy who gets more food!

You know what else makes me super happy?

I get to celebrate my first Kylie’s 25 Day’s of Christmas! I am so excited! And to make me super happy to announce that we had our first 2 donations!

Kylie’s long time friend Preston the Puggle has offered to match our donation AGAIN this year! And you know what else? He has the most adorable newest  littlest brother a puggle could have, Nolan! And Nolan wants to celebrate too and he ALSO offered to MATCH our donation!! So now we have an amazing $75.00 for the Grand Prize Winner to give to their shelter/rescue! You know that means you could even give it to YOUR favorite shelter/rescue!! You just have to play along in the month of December!

Be sure to go over and thank Preston and Nolan too at their bloggie here!

You can read all about Kylie’s 25 Days of Christmas here!

Well, I think I have to go bitey Kylie now.  Bye!

Puppy Kisses,


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