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First I have to say we are super duper sorry we didn’t get this post up over the weekend. Mommy came down with the sickies that the kidlets had all week and wasnt feeling so good! She’s back on her feetie feets now and we are ready to pick our week three WINNER?! Are you ready??

It wasn’t a very big week of comments, I think everyone is getting busy with the holidays almost here!!


We are all present and accounted for! Jimmy was mad that he had to be on his bed. He REALLY wanted to bitey the Magic Stocking!!


Okay Dad, let’s get this show on the road!!



Ok… I know it LOOKS like I am biteying the Magic Stocking… but I umm… well… I was…

Oh, right the winner!! Moving on…

Who is it Dad???

Would you look at that?? (and not the fact that Mommy needs to trim my furs…)


Really Mom??? Tank would not approve of this!! ( I didn’t even get to eat it after!!!)

We hope you are all having a blast playing along with us! Please be sure to keep telling your friends and stopping by as we come up with more things for the days of Christmas! Also we are still accepting donations to go to the Grand Prize Winner’s rescue/shelter so be sure to check with your parents to see if you are able to give to a pup in need this holiday!!

Licks & Puppy Kisses,

Kylie & Jimmy


Now can I bitey the Magic Stocking??


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… My true love gave to me

Our first TRUE winter morning!! Brrrrrr!!! (This isn’t our actual thermometer, but I assure you, the one we have read the same thing!! Mommy was just too late this morning to take a picture!)


A bowl full of popcorn,

Another trip to the VET for Jimmy this morning,

A new wall in my backyard,

Turkeys in the yard,

A lack of Privacy,

Thirteen moons to woo at,

Twelve Drummers Drumming,

Eleven Pipers Piping,

Ten Lords a Leaping,

Nine Ladies Dancing,

Eight Maids a Milking,

Seven Swans a Swimming,

Six Geese a Laying,

Five Golden Rings,

Four Calling Birds,

Three French Hens,

Two Turtle Doves,

and A partridge in a pear tree!!

If you want to play along, you can read the contest rules by clicking HERE !!

***Big News Everyone!!***

We now have raised OVER $100 for the Grand Prize!!

Don’t forget You can match our $25 donation to the Grand Prize!! Let’s see how much we can raise for Puppies in need this holiday season!!

Thanks for playing with me and don’t forget to tell your friends!!

Licks & Puppy Kisses,
Kylie & Jimmy


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