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Monday again…


I think we will just take a nap…

Licks and puppy kisses,
Kylie and Jimmy

PeeS: dont forget to go pick a date for Mayzie. It would be even cooler if you pick me…


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Snow Day

We had a snow day over the weekend!! The sad part is the snow is all gone now!!! (just about!) and left our yard back to a dirt mess! Figures the year we don’t have a grassy yard from the new wall construction we dont get any snow!

Well before the snow got stolen, Jimmy’s girlfriend asked us over to play in her fenced in back yard!
You all remember Bristol right??

Well, Jimmy is just as smitten for her as ever and I have gotten to go over to her house to play in her yard and I wasnt even grumpy with her! I had FUN!

I’m gonna get you girls!! 

(it can be hard to see Bristol some times because she blends in with the snow, but if you look close you’ll see her!)

Bristol sure is fast!! But I am right on her tail!!

I thought we had her cornered but quick Jimmy turn around!!


Weee!! Mom let me bring my rope ball toy to play with Bristol!!

The race is on Bristol!!

Jimmy, maybe you two should get a room!! Jeesh!

Mom says she really likes this shot!

Jimmy and I make a great team!!

Look at those two love birds…


I guess Jimmy has good taste, Bristol sure is a pretty girl… (Not as pretty as me… just saying…)

Thanks Bristol for having us over to play!!

Licks & Puppy Kisses,
Kylie & Jimmy

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Puppy Kisses,

(To see my offical MM2012 entry please see previous post.)

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Hey there everyone!

I am super excited that this year I am officially adopted and able to enter Mango Minster 2012!! Last year I was just a foster dog ( HA HA- we all knew that was never gonna stick!) but this year I told Kylie to step aside and I am going to show her how it is done, Jimmy Style!

So, what do you think?? I’m just too Darn Cute and You know it!!
Puppy Kisses,


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Phew!! It has taken us long enough to get here huh? You can blame Mom. We won’t get into it all here, but Jimmy and I are hoping we are back to blogging. Anyways! It is time for the big reveal!!

Who is going to win the GRAND PRIZE and the $125 to the Rescue or Shelter of their Choice!?

Will it be Week One winners, Jack and Moo??

Or Week Two’s Winner, Maggie & Mitch??

Or Week Three Winner (and resident Bad Sport) Tank?


Or our final Week Four Winner, Frankie Furter??


The Final Four…

I’m ready mom, let’s do this!!

Congratulations to JACK AND MOO!!!! Woooo!!

I can’t WAIT to hear what rescue or shelter you want to donate the GRAND PRIZE of $125 too!!

We hope to still keep up with posting. I know Jimmy wanted to take a stab at Mango Minster 2012 and I am still looking for a date for the Valentine’s Dance!! Thank you everyone for playing in our contest and we are really really really sorry it took us so long to wrap it up!!

Licks & Puppy Kisses,

Kylie & Jimmy

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First I have to say we are super duper sorry we didn’t get this post up sooner. Mommy came down with the sickies that the kidlets had and got super sick! She’s back on her feetie feets now and we are ready to pick our week four WINNER?! Are you ready??

Let’s do this!!



We hope you all had fun!!! We will be back later tonight with the GRAND PRIZE DRAWING!!!
Licks & Puppy Kisses,

Kylie & Jimmy

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