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Snow Day

We had a snow day over the weekend!! The sad part is the snow is all gone now!!! (just about!) and left our yard back to a dirt mess! Figures the year we don’t have a grassy yard from the new wall construction we dont get any snow!

Well before the snow got stolen, Jimmy’s girlfriend asked us over to play in her fenced in back yard!
You all remember Bristol right??

Well, Jimmy is just as smitten for her as ever and I have gotten to go over to her house to play in her yard and I wasnt even grumpy with her! I had FUN!

I’m gonna get you girls!! 

(it can be hard to see Bristol some times because she blends in with the snow, but if you look close you’ll see her!)

Bristol sure is fast!! But I am right on her tail!!

I thought we had her cornered but quick Jimmy turn around!!


Weee!! Mom let me bring my rope ball toy to play with Bristol!!

The race is on Bristol!!

Jimmy, maybe you two should get a room!! Jeesh!

Mom says she really likes this shot!

Jimmy and I make a great team!!

Look at those two love birds…


I guess Jimmy has good taste, Bristol sure is a pretty girl… (Not as pretty as me… just saying…)

Thanks Bristol for having us over to play!!

Licks & Puppy Kisses,
Kylie & Jimmy

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