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I’m really not snuggling Jimmy!! And I am definately NOT smiling about it!!

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Wordless Wednesday


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Monday Woos


Monday already??

Puppy Kisses,

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Play date with Bristol

Last weekend we got to go over to my Girlfriend Bristol’s house to enjoy the really nice weather! We love going to Bristol’s because she has a fenced in back yard and we can run around crazy!!

You know what else Bristol has in her back yard??


Oh how I love sticks!

You can’t catch me Bristol!! This is my stick now!

Oooph! Watch where you are going!

Hey wait a second…

But I thought…

Mom!! She stole my stick!!!

Who ME?

Common Kylie! Help me get her!

We gotcha now!!

Don’t worry!! We were just kidding! Did we fool you? We would never hurt Bristol, we were just playing!

Got any treats Mom?


nom nom nom


Did someone say TREATS? I would like one too thank you very much Ms P!

What’s a guy gotta do to get a Nom around here??

Sigh* Isn’t my girl just dreamy??


I’m sure glad we got to go over last week to play! And guess what? Mom got a message that we might all go on a hike tomorrow!! Woo Hoo!

Puppy Kisses, 

(And Licks from Kylie too!) 

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Tuesday morning


Wednesday night


Guess who keeps trying to get in Kylies crate now?? Oh how quickly the tables can turn when somepup chews their NEW bed…


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Funny Story from Mom

This is going to be kinda long and random but I found it kinda funny and well worth Hi Jacking the blog!!

Kylie is 4.5 years old. Since she was a puppy she used a crate “aka: Nite-Nite” She loves it and it is her safe place. She is in there when we are out of the house and at night time, however she tends to just go in there even with big round beds in other parts of the house.

We have always tried to put pads or other comfy padding in there and she always just flips them up and lays on the plastic. I came home one day and she had a foam pad over her back like a blanket! Same with the pads that have the edging around the sides designed to go in crates. Nope, she wants nothing to do with them. I have taken to just giving her blankets and no matter how nice I make her bed, she just balls them all up in the corner and lays on the plastic.

Jimmy was only about 5 months when we got him and I put some blankets in his crate with him like Kylie. The next morning I was greeted by shredded blanket with holes all over it. I got him a “make your own bed” from Target one time. You buy a foam pad and a cover design of your choice. Put them together and you have a bed. It wasn’t the exact measurements of the crate floor but I figured it had to be better than the plastic crate bottom. The next morning, the corner of the cover was chewed up. I tried to tuck it under itself and figured maybe he would leave it alone. Next morning, foam pieces were all over the inside of the crate. Now Jimmy scares me because he can’t have stuffies since not only does he Kill them, he then EATS the stuffing… and the fabric!! So I worried that not only did he shred the things in his crate he was swallowing them too.

Now that Matt has gotten a job working with his Dad in Boston (about an hour away + traffic) and I am working as well, he now for the first time in the 14 months we have had him, is being left home alone. This translates into more time in his crate. Now he doesn’t chew anything outside his crate (except the mentioned stuffies) but he doesn’t chew the big beds downstairs, socks or clothes on the floor, he loves laying in our bed and NEVER has tried to chew anything. I put bones in with him thinking he’s bored and needs to chew. Nope, doesn’t touch the bones. Now that he is spending more time in there, he has started whining at night. I feel bad because I know he just got off the bed with me and he missed me all day so he really doesn’t want to leave, but I also figure it couldn’t be as comfortable. Think queen pillow top mattress with down alternative comforter vs. hard plastic… yea poor jimmy… haha

He has chewed up 1 brown towel, 2 blue towels and a brown blanket. Matt keeps trying to put new ones in and I keep reminding him we need to have something to dry ourselves off after a shower! Haha Obviously the loose fabric isn’t working for him.

Today after work I went looking for a mattress to fit his 27 x 40 inch crate. (yes its very big) I stopped by Ocean State and wasn’t thrilled with the choices. Not for $50+!! Plus I don’t know for sure that he won’t EAT IT!!

I ended up at Walmart and bought a full size contoure foam pad. A fancier eggcrate, it’s all circles and waves instead of the old school bumps. I thought that was 9.99 but rang up 19.99 Whatever. I also got a single flat sheet in white. 9.99. I brought them home and cut the foam pad to the length of Jimmys crate. Then I folded under to double up the padding until it covered from side to side. I wrapped the whole thing with the sheet, tucking it under as far as I could pulling it tight across the top. It looks GREAT! If Matt and I get in a fight, he would be just as comfy there as in our bed! 😉  So of course Kylie was all up in what I was doing and Jimmy was keeping a safe distance away. Kylie jumped right in the crate and laid down as soon as I was out of it! That little stinker! I called her out and reminded her that was Jimmy’s crate. Then I coaxed Jimmy to go in. He also knows the command “Go nite-nite” and he walked right in and I gave him some treats. He didn’t look as relaxed on the cushie bed as Kylie just had but it seemed to work. I put the little bit I cut off into the back of Kylie’s crate for now thinking maybe it would work as a pillow for her, there’s still plenty of plastic for her to lay on! I go in the bathroom and get ready for bed and Jimmy follows as usual. (Do your pets HAVE to go in the bathroom with you too?!) Something startled him and he left the bathroom and all of a sudden I hear Kylie growl mean girl!! Usually she only does that if someone (Jimmy) tries to take a special meaty bone. I come out and look to see what she found that she was so protective of… SHE WAS LAYING IN JIMMY”S CRATE!!

I guess tomorrow I will be going back to Walmart to get another Foam Pad and flat sheet!!

Thanks for reading!

Kylie & Jimmy’s Mom- Ali

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Snowless Winter

Last winter around this time we had over 78 inches of snow!! Do you remember???

Well guess what?

This year, we have barely had 9 inches!! What a joke!

How are we supposed to do snow zoomies when the yard looks like this!?

Well, you can only imagine our delight when a week or so ago snow came!! It snowed all day long and we were pretty excited to get to go out that night and play when Mommy got home. But guess what? It melted in only a few days!!


What’s a pup to do?!

We were glad Mommy came out and took some pictures of us playing in what little snow we had left.

You can tell that we had already been out playing a lot!! And that it had melted so it was all hard and cruchy, but itsnow so we will take what we can get!

I’m ready to play ball Mom!!

Weee!! Can’t catch me!!

I think I see something!?

I don’t smell anything Kylie!

Mommy, I’m sure happy we got some snow to play in!

Me Too!!

We had a lot of fun but we had record high temps this week reaching over 64 degrees (F) so now the yard is back to a muddy mess.  We heard Mommy talking though and we might get to go see Jimmy’s GF Bristol tomorrow! YAY!!

Licks & Puppy Kisses,

Kylie & Jimmy

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Yes, we know- it’s March now. The thing is Mommy is just now helping us post some of the pictures she took of us with our Valentine’s Pressies!


Can we have our treats now please?!?!

I call dibs on this one Kylie!!!

That’s ok Jimmy, I got this one.

Jimmy, cause I just see what you got?

Ummm Kylie, I don’t know about that….

Mommy, You aren’t really gonna let her stealie my toy ARE YOU!?


Licks, & Puppy Kisses,

Kylie & Jimmy


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Looking for a home


This is Ally. She is a 4 year old collie from a kill shelter. Mommy really wants Ally to have a wonderful home (with us, but that cant happen) So please help us help Ally.
Licks & Puppy kisses,
Kylie & Jimmy & Mommy Ali

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