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You never know, she might need me!

Puppy Kisses,

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Happy Easter!


We hope the bunny was good to all of you!!

Licks & Puppy Kisses,

Kylie and Jimmy

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A new name, really?

Mommy has taken to calling me Miss Piggy lately…

I mean common…

I don’t see the resemblance at all….

I am far to cute to be called Miss Piggy…

It’s not my fault Jimmy has taken to not wanting to eat all his kibbles and just LEAVES them sitting there in the bowl….


PeeS: Please check out our post here if you haven’t already! We really want to get Pink Baby on her travels but we haven’t had much response yet!

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PeeS: please check out our last post if you haven’t already!!

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Hey everyone guess what?! Pink Baby is back and ready for some action!!

After being home with us for so long Pink Baby is getting the travel bug again!

Oh man I sure hope I don’t get any bugs from her!! Mom might make me take a bath! *Shudder*

Well some of our old friends might remember when Pink Baby traveled all around the WORLD and people shared about their great adventures with her! We want to send Pink Baby back out into the world but after talking with Pink Baby she wanted to make some changes to the “Where in the World is Pink Baby” game! In the past you had to be the first commenter (yes thats a word) to have her come stay with you. Well Pink Baby has decided to make it more fair we are going to start a list and in order to get on that list you make a $1 donation. We will collect all those donations and give them to a rescue at the end of each month!! How does that sound furiends?? You get to spend a week showing Pink Baby around your town and a rescue full of doggies benefits too!! I would say that is a win-win!

So, what do you say? Does this sound like something you guys would like to play?! Jimmy and I are gonna show Pink Baby a great time for the first week to get us started and then off she will go once we get the details worked out!! We will track her travels and you can follow along!

If you want to read about Pink Baby’s travels before, please check out all these posts:


We are really super duper excited to have this new project to start!! We hope you will all want to play along!!

Licks & Puppy Kisses,

Kylie & Jimmy

PS from Mommy: Hi! I am still looking into the best way to take donations. I was wondering if I can set up a ChipIn account and as donations come in I can use that list as next in line for PB. Or should I ask you guys to mail a dollar and as I get them in the mail I will form a list. Any other humans, assistants, persons, two-leggers have any thoughts??

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