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and I got to stay in a HO-TEL!!!


Ohh boy was that fun!! I will put together some more posts about the fun things we did on our “mini” vacation up in Maine  that we went on in June.

But, first I gotta tell you how cool HO-TELS are!

Jimmy was kinda nervous. He didn’t know what to make of being in a weird room. with weird sounds. (BUT Kylie was the one who kept BARKING!!) I don’t know what he’s talking about….

 Anyways, I did my part to keep guard on the place. I sure need to get me one of these doors at my house… that I can lay on the floor and look out!! 

I’m not really hiding, that thing just kept getting in my way and making it hard to keep a look out on the parking lot.

It’s nice to know Jimmy’s got my back…

They also had one of THESE!!!

I begged Mom to let me go down with her…

ut the big meanie said no…

Jimmy and I decided we would just relax back in our room on the KING size bed…

e could get used to this traveling stuff…

Licks & Puppy Kisses,
Kylie & Jimmy

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