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This weeks winner is…


Congratulations to my friend Ludo the Sheltie! Mom is not going to be around this afternoon so we had to do the drawing earlier. We will count this as todays Holiday post and any replys to it will be counted in NEXT weeks drawing! Oh My Doggness! This is so much fun!

For contest rules please see HERE!

Here is everyones name on a piece of paper. Can you tell how many more people are playing this week!? I have made so many more great friends!


Here again are the names in the tug-a-jug with a treat!

Here is Mom being creative and messing around with the video. I started to eat it again, but Mommy was expecting  it! Because she likes this music so much she added some extra video of me playing outside! Listen carefully, there’s a suprise!!

Ok so Mom had to go but she PROMISES she will post the video tonight… I dont know why Google video is taking so long to process it!

The band that is singing is Mom’s friends, Five O’Clock Shadow or FOCS (like FOX) they are an all-vocal rock band from Boston, MA, FOCS began in 1991 as a traditional a cappella group. Since then an eclectic mix of 21 members has comprised multiple generations of the quintet. Over the years FOCS released 4 cassettes (back when people actually bought cassettes) and 5 CDs, and gradually morphed into a rock band. But they still leave the instruments off the stage, because they’re a vocal group at the core. FOCS has toured extensively throughout the US, Germany and Japan. Numerous TV appearances include VH-1’s “//break.through/”, ABC Monday Night Football, FOX News, WB’s Morning Show, A&E, ESPN, and many more. Five O’Clock Shadow also has a long list of distinguished clients like Panasonic, Clear Channel Entertainment, Mohegan Sun, and The New England Patriot and the Boston Red Sox! And through their Vocal Challenge program FOCS has presented workshops and concerts to thousands of music students from coast to coast.

They are Pawsome! ALL THOSE SONGS were just their voices, NO INSTRUMENTS OR DRUM MACHINES! Honestly, they are the coolest and VERY talented! Don’t believe me, check this out!

Well, congradulations to LUDO for winning! And thank you everyone who played! There are still 2 more chances to win!

Because I felt really bad that not everyone could win and we are having so much fun, please keep your noses to the mail in the coming days! You ALL will be getting a little something! WOOF!


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