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We did it again! I am determined to win! I signed up for the Bissell Pet Photo Contest!! I now will show up in the Period 8 Voting!

Below is the direct link to vote for me. It’s REALLY easy. All you need to do is put your name and email address and you’re done! And I’m one vote closer to getting Mom a new Vacuum and the grand prize winner gets $10,000 to donate to the animal cause of their choice. So you really should vote!

Vote for ME!

Thank you to all of you who did vote for me in Period 7 and hopefully you will vote for me one more time in Period 8! As soon as mom figures out how to count the votes she will let you know my total!

 PS: Friends and family are reporting the link to be VERY slow in loading today. Maybe you will want to try tomorrow.

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New Dreams

A friend emailed this to Mom and she showed it to me. Man I got a lot of training still to do!!


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Hi friends,
Mom helped me sign up for the Bissell Pet Photo Contest!! She said I would be in the Period 7 Voting.

IT’s HERE! It’s HERE! My picture is finally posted! Below is the direct link to vote for me. It’s REALLY easy. All you need to do is put your name and email address and you’re done! And I’m one vote closer to getting Mom a new Vacuum and the grand prize winner gets $10,000 to donate to the animal cause of their choice. So you really should vote!

Vote for ME!

Thanks for the Vote!

Photo Contest

This is the picture we entered, totally tail-wagging cuteness.

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It has been really cold and snowy and wet so I haven’t been able to play outside much. I have been feeling so blue lately that Mom called up the lady she babysits for and asked to borrow their dog, my friend SUNNY! *see new years post for our history!

 Well, needless to say, we had a blast! We had to play on the porch though cause we don’t have a fenced in yard. It was still fun. Then Dad suggested we all go to the Dog Park. I usually get scared there, but he thought with my buddy Sunny at my side, maybe I would have more fun.

Sunny was more interested in marking all around and there were two other little black lab puppies.

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My first V-Day

Vday Card

Happy Valentine’s Day !

Happy Valentine’s Day Dad!

(For those of you who don’t know, I am not allowed in Mom & Dad’s room, let alone on the bed! But for Valentine’s day, Mom made an exception so I could wake Dad up!)

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Bone Bath!

Mom and Dad gave me a big surprise tonight. I haven’t been chewing on my bones too much lately, I’m kind of waiting for something better. 🙂  So they decided to make my old bones a bit more tasty.

Bone Bath

Need any help, Mom?

need any help?

Boiled in a pot of water and beef bouillon for 10 minutes and let to sit in the water for another 15 or so and cooled over night, my bones are like Brand New!

Bones Bath 2 
(Mom asks that you not look at the messy stove, she cleaned up the mess in the morning.)

 Are they done yet Mom?

Are they done yet?!

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Exciting News!

Hi everyone!

I am so excited! Mom just let me know that she has started to talk to my littermate sister’s human Mom!! Layla was my sister and she was rescued the same time I was by Jon and Sarah and their two kids. And you want to know the funny part!? They live in MASS too!! They live on Cape Cod, which isn’t too far from me!

Mom let Layla’s Mom know a bunch of information about me and how I have been since they adopted me and asked how Layla has been. Mom wanted to know if Layla was afraid of strangers and kid like me, or the wind blowing or any other loud noises. It’s really neat that I might get to be reunited with my sister. Mom and Sarah are going to try to plan a day that I can go see Layla. I will be sure to take lots of pictures of me and my sis to show you all! SOO EXCITED!!

 Well, that’s the best part of today. I got to run around with the Puppies for a really long time today too so it’s been a GREAT weekend so far! And it’s SNOWING… not too much, but big fluffy flakes-great for playing with Mom when she throws it at me!




(These are both Layla, Mom still has to get a picture of me all curled up.)

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It’s My Friend Preston!

I was checking out Petedge to see what other cool things I can have Mom get me and I thought this coat looked real cute on the golden retriever puppy and when I clicked more pictures I saw what looked like my friend Preston! 


Oh yeah, I updated my “GAME NIGHT” post because Mom finally uploaded the pictures from the camera! Be sure to scoll down!



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One of my cool new toys!

Laser Light

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Game Night

Game Night

Last night we had so much fun when all of Mom and Dad’s friends came over to play. First to arrive was Ditto’s Mom, Danielle. I was so excited to see her. Then Mom’s friend Oren came who I growled at, Mom wasn’t too happy since I have met Oren before and every time it takes me a while to remember who he is. At least he was nice enough to give me some treats to win over my affection. Next to show up were Kona and Pepe’s Mom and Dad, Kerrie and Jonathan! And they brought me toys! A new stuffy, a rawhide rollup, and a biscuit! No wonder I love them so much! Last to show up was two of Dad’s sisters, Kim and Sam. For a while I stayed in the kitchen while everyone was eating the yummy food and starting to play games, but as the night wore on, Mom let me out to mingle among the group. I almost spilled a glass of wine on the carpet, Thanks Danielle for the fast reflexes!! Mom really wouldn’t have been happy if that spilled on the rug.

Everyone had a really good time, my 10:30 I went in the other room and laid on my bed thinking they would get the hint to go home that I was tired. It didn’t work. By 12:00 I was in my Nite-Nite (my crate) waiting for everyone to leave. It was a late night but a lot of fun!

One of the presents that Kerrie and Jonathan gave me was this really cute little stuffy dog. I liked it so much that I desided I wanted to take a rest with it. Ok, so cross my heart, this picture wasn’t staged by mom and dad… other then the blanket on me… the hugging was totally me! I’m such a sweet little puppy!


Although, Mom gave me a bath before everyone showed up. I was not too happy about it and Dad didn’t even help so I had to be really still for Mom and promise not to jump out of the tub. At least everyone said I was so pretty and soft to pet.

Today has been a lazy day. I had to sleep in since I was up so late. I even tried to take a nap hiding under my Teddy, but Mom found me and thought I was just being silly.

 Hide ‘N Seek

Mom and Dad took me for a long walk all around the town since it is a heat wave!! 46 degrees and sunny! I was so excited to go out to play with my friends, but everything is so muddy Mom said I can’t play or else I would have to have another bath, No Thank You!

I got a new bone from Roxie- our landlord’s sheltie from upstairs.



Well I guess that’s all for now.


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