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Last night was a new adventure my friends! I don’t know if any of you have been seeing these big orange balls all around but we had 2 in our house that I kept trying to investigate but they always said no-no…

Well you think those things are interesting just sitting there, wait until your people cut it open! Mom drew me on her pumpkin and Dad traced out a scarecrow. They spent all night pulling guts out of those big orange balls. It smelled soooo good! Then they lit candles and shut out the lights! What a treat! (Mom’s camera was out of batteries so pictures to come tonight!) Sorry!

While they were carving and I was modeling for Mom, we watched It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. Hope you enjoy!


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Weekend in NH

We went on an adventure this weekend for my Mom’s birthday. I got to go see Nanie and Papa! We went up Saturday and we all went to a farm. They didn’t have any more apples to pick but we got to pick a pumpkin! They had fun cut outs so Mom and Dad took my picture then Papa took a picture of them together! I got to meet some goats, chickens, and 2 mini ponies (who weren’t friendly). There was also a young little puppy also there that I ran around with for a little while. We got some pumpkin’s and some apple cider and then went to a place called Wagon Hill Farm.  They have Walking trails, scenic views, swimming in Little Bay, picnic areas, historic cemetery, great hill for sledding and paths for X-country skiing. Dogs: Must be on leash at all times to avoid stiff fines. (But Mom and Dad dropped my leash on the ground when no one was around and I got to chase some sticks and show off for Nanie and Papa how fast I can run!)

I love going to NH so much that I was crying in the back seat when it was time to drive away!


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My new ‘dog house’

Here is my new back yard!

I love fall in New England. All the leaves are so pretty

Well, I told you I live on an island now, here’s how you get onto it.

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Yes it’s true friends. I thought once we moved I would no longer have to face the evil wet tub. Saturday Mom and Dad said “Lets go for an adventure!” and got me in the car and we were off.

I was excited, as most of us dogs are when we are going for a car ride, destination unknown. Then we pulled into this buildings parking lot and Mom and Dad had me walking around and as soon as they open the door to this new building I could smell it… DOGGIE SHAMPOO! I tried to turn around and run, for all dogs everywhere, I revolted against this evil trick! Mom introduced herself to the attendant and Dad made sure I didn’t make a break for it. He was pointing to the other sad soles already confined in their tubs and I knew at that point my fate was sealed.

We were at the Medway Dog Wash in, you guessed it, Medway. Since Mom and Dad don’t have a tub anymore, only a stand up shower, they looked online for a self wash doggie bathing place. There are lots in the city but this was the only one for miles and miles. Unlucky for me, it’s only a couple miles away! Mom can’t stop raving about how wonderful the place was. They provided everything they needed for the torture. Doggie washing stations, shampoo, conditioner, aprons for Mom and Dad for when I shake, ear wipes, eye wipes, towels microfiber towels for me, finishing perfume (NO thanks MOM!), brushes, a grooming table, a dryer, pre set heated water. It was all for only $18 with a discount of $3 for a rescue dog! What a great idea! Mom couldn’t resist and got me a Halloween bandanna too for the three dollars that she had saved.

Some of you may see these pictures and think I’m having fun… But I was not a pleased puppy until it was time to leave!

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Thank You, Thank you!

First I would just like to say thank you for all my wonderful birthday wishes! I had a great time! When Mom got home from work I was waiting for her somewhat impatiently for my party to start.

Is it party time yet??

Well, lucky for me I got presents from Mom & Dad! I got a new stuffie!! AND A NEW BALL TOY!!

I love to play fetch inside but when Mom and Dad try to play with me out in the new yard I chase after it, but then it stops moving so I get bored and want to go smell a tree instead. Mom and Dad will end up playing Monkey in the Middle and just throw the ball back and forth and I try to get it in the middle!

Just when I thought my special day couldn’t get any better…


I’ve never had a bone like this!! I didn’t know what to do with it, but that only lasted like a millasecond! Then I started my destruction!  MAN, I LOVE MY BIRTHDAY!!


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I can’t contain my excitement any more! Tomorrow is my special day! I really hope Dad is going to make me some Pup-Cakes!!

Lets all hope that Mom got me lots of presents, a few new bones would be nice and a couple new stuffies never hurt a pup!

Maybe I can have Ditto and Sunny and the puppies over to celebrate with me! I’ll even to offer to share with Kiwi the white kitty I live with now.

HOORAY! I’m a big girl now!


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