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Today we got to pick the winners for our Premier Toy Give-A-Way that was our way to celebrate Jimmy officially becoming my little brother!

I was really excited that so many of you wanted to play with us! Jimmy was just wiggling all over with excitement from all your kind words!

Well, let’s get down to business and announce the winners!

First we took all the names and put them into an excel sheet, then we used Random.org.

First up is the Twist N Treat…


Can you read it???

It’s another pawsome brother and sister pair, Jack and Moo!!

And now, for the Pogo Plush!


And the other winner is…

Maxmom and her new pup Toby!!

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to everyone who played with us and welcomed Jimmy to our family!!

We hope to be back real soon with some more pictures to post, But Mommy starts her new job TOMORROW so things are a little crazy here!!

Licks & Puppy Kisses,

Kylie & Jimmy

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It’s time to celebrate Jimmy becoming part of our family!! The very friendly people at Premier gave us a couple of toys to review for them.

Woooo A big box for me!!

Jimmy, you will not believe what is in here!!

Jimmy set his sights on the Bunny… Since Jimmy came to live here, all stuffies have been banished!!

I was no dummy… I know that treats go in this toy!!

Here are the items we picked to review:

The Twist N’ Treat:

Toy Description: The Twist ‘n Treat is the first and only 2-piece adjustable rubber treat dispensing toy. The rate of treat dispersal can be adjusted to suit the interest and ability of the dog. When first introducing the toy to your dog, we suggest leaving enough space in the opening to allow treats to fall our regularly, so your dog can “win the game.” Once your dog plays successfully with the Twist ‘n Treat, you can screw the opening tighter to extend the length of play. The adjustable opening allows the Twist ‘n Treat to be filled with a variety of hard, soft, and smear-able treats. Made of natural rubber. NOT recommended for strong chewers. Available in 3 sizes.

Well I sure like this toy lots. You want to know why??? It give me TREATS!!! I have the Tug a Jug and the Kibble nibble and Jimmy and I eat our breakfast and dinner out of them every day. But this toy was one we hadn’t tried. It is pretty easy, even on the tightest (Toughest) setting but for some of you doggies who don’t like to work hard for your reward it might be just right for you! One thing we haven’t tried yet is putting PEANUT BUTTER inside and getting to lick it clean like a Kong.

The Next Toy Review,

Pogo Plush

Toy Description: Pogo Plush toys are simply irresistible! The patent pending design provides a unique bounce-back action that dogs prefer over traditional stuffed plush toys. These toys are stuffing free, so there’s no mess if your dog likes to destroy plush toys! Our Pogo Plush toys are built with inner bouncy frames and free-floating squeakers that will give your dog hours of fun. Available in a large & small sizes.

Well, one thing was right, it was hours of fun, FOR JIMMY! He wouldn’t let me near it! Within the first 10 min he set about severing one of poor bunnies ears!! Well, Mommy saw that and took it away from him and thought maybe later she would let ME play with it, since I outgrew killing my stuffies. When she gave it to me later, HE STOLE it again!!! And this time he even got down to the rubber frame they talk about, and ate that too!! See, Jimmy doesn’t just destuff stuffies, he EATS stuffies, skin and stuffing alike! You think it was bacon flavored with that boy! (which is why all stuffies have been banished to the attic) So, We tried to play tug with it and it seemed to hold up pretty well, but if you have a stuffie killer in your house, beware- even with no stuffing, poor bunny never stood a chance!!

Now, that was a lot of words, so lets get to some more pictures.

Tester 1 and Tester 2 reporting for duty!

That sticker shows you what the purple rubber frame looks like inside the bunny, which most NORMAL dogs would never see, unless they live with Jimmy…

Ahhh Mr. Bunny, Let’s be FRIENDS!!!

Back off Kylie, it’s MINE!!

Mmmm this ear just has to go…

The Twist and Treat

The inside screw pieces. (Mommy put it in the top rack of the dishwasher to clean it- she’s crazy about germs- and she thinks it might have messed up the treads cause it is harder to screw together)

Come back here Mr. Treat dispenser!

oo another one! 🙂

It is helpful if you hold it still with your paw cause it wiggles all over!!

Mommy I think you need to refill it!
Well, I sure did love playing with our new toys!! And I think you will love them too!!

Here’s what we’re asking you to do:
1. Comment on this post and indicate which of the two prizes you’d like to win, Plush Pogo, Twist N Treat, or EITHER ONE!!
2. If you are on Facebook, the people at premier asked that you LIKE them, www.facebook.com/premierpetproducts

The contest will be open until Saturday February 19th 10:00pm EST. The winners will be announced on Sunday. We will hold 2 drawings. One for a Plush Pogo and one for a Twist n Treat.

I sure hope you are excited for Jimmy’s Welcome to the Family Give-A-Way!! Please post about it and send your friends over too!!

Licks & Puppy Kisses
Kylie & Jimmy!!!

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Plus Her


One Happy, Occupied for hours, Pup!


Only 14 more Days!!!


(Please, I don’t anyone to explode, I will give you a hint, this will be the THIRD year for the surprise!)

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Well first I would like to say thank you for all my birthday wishes! You are the best furiends a pup could ask for!! Well, This morning I was helping Mommy clean up before my guests arrived.

Kitchen Table set… Check
Human foodables out… Check

Open play space for playing… Check.

Room to Zooming back and forth through the kitchen and living room… Check. (Mommy didn’t seem to think that this was a good idea… I wonder why not!?)

My present table along with party favors and cookies for my guests!

Do you see the DINO Bone I picked out from the store on Thursday!! hehehehe

Aww Mommy and Daddy got me a Birthday Cupcake stuffie!! And it Squeeks!

Mommy has been wanting to get me a new puzzle toy because well, lets face it, I’m a genius and I am too good for the tug-a-jug!! I can have that sucker empty in a few minutes!

Mommy saw these at the store she bought the Kibble Nibble from… She said she couldn’t resist! She says they are for our guest…

I think we are ready Mom!

Did I hear someone?!

My furiends are really coming right?

My furiend Molly was first to arrive. I haven’t seen her since we moved into our new house! I was a little unsure about her coming inside and we had a little tiff to figure out who was in charge, but then we remembered our pecking order and things were good. After she came, Zoe my neighbor doggie came over too to say Happy Birthday! Molly and Zoe really hit it off!

Next to arrive was my newest friend Bailey. She lives across the street from me with her humans Lisa (Green) and Becky (Gray) and we have gone on a couple of walks together and I started to warm up to her. She’s very nice Mommy says… I had a good zoomie session with her on Saturday, but I wasn’t so sure if we were up to in my house play, after all, it’s MY house… Zoe introduced herself to everyone.

Zoe sure thought SHE was the life of the party… Where was I???

Mommy put me on a down on my bed… just because I was a little grumpy with all these pups in my house! Can you believe it!

Thankfully Denise, Molly’s Mom, felt bad for me and came over to give me some one on one birthday belly rubs!

Bailey sat nice for Mommy too.

After Molly had an accident inside on the rug introductions were made, it was time to move the party out in the back yard!

Molly and Bailey really got along great! They loved chasing each other, er chasing Molly!

Oh Boy, did I miss running with Molly!!

Go Molly Go!

Molly runs so fast that the humans put her on my yellow line, because we didn’t want her running so fast right into the road! But it made for a very fun game for the humans of Jump Rope!

Old Friends

New Friends

The gang. Zoe had to leave the party early because her Mommy and her were heading up to their other home in Maine. But don’t worry I gave her a doggie bag for the road!

After all that zooming it was time for…


Mommy worked really hard on making me my very own Peanut Butter and Carrot Cake!!

Doesn’t it look Soooo GoooD?!

The writing is Peanut Butter and the Icing is pureed cottage cheese!!

So Mommy had tried to even video me and my cake but it was just too dark. You couldn’t even see my pretty face! So we went with the camera with a flash instead!

All the other Mommy’s were holding their pups back! BOL they all wanted my cake!

Making A Wish!

Let’s EAT!!

Now you see it…

Now you don’t! BOL

Trust me… It was good! Bailey ate her’s about as fast as me, so there is no pictures. Molly was a bit more lady lake and had her Mommy cut it up into small bites for her!

Thanks Molly for bringing me such a pretty present!

Jack-pot! Did you see the size of the bag of treats she brought me?! And a super pawesome new stuffie that’s all organic.

Zoe had left a gift before she had to go too! It was a wonderful yellow stuffy that has 5- yes FIVE squeekers!

After my friends had left, Daddy went out to get the mail and guess what! There was a package for me!! A beautiful Pupcake Birthday collar from my friends over at Cody’s Creations! What a cool surprise!

Mommy had to hold my furs back so you could see it.

Well I think I might have just had the best birthday that there ever was!!

Thank you to all my friends for celebrating with me!

Kylie the now 4 year old!!

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This weeks winner is…


Congratulations to my friend Ludo the Sheltie! Mom is not going to be around this afternoon so we had to do the drawing earlier. We will count this as todays Holiday post and any replys to it will be counted in NEXT weeks drawing! Oh My Doggness! This is so much fun!

For contest rules please see HERE!

Here is everyones name on a piece of paper. Can you tell how many more people are playing this week!? I have made so many more great friends!


Here again are the names in the tug-a-jug with a treat!

Here is Mom being creative and messing around with the video. I started to eat it again, but Mommy was expecting  it! Because she likes this music so much she added some extra video of me playing outside! Listen carefully, there’s a suprise!!

Ok so Mom had to go but she PROMISES she will post the video tonight… I dont know why Google video is taking so long to process it!

The band that is singing is Mom’s friends, Five O’Clock Shadow or FOCS (like FOX) they are an all-vocal rock band from Boston, MA, FOCS began in 1991 as a traditional a cappella group. Since then an eclectic mix of 21 members has comprised multiple generations of the quintet. Over the years FOCS released 4 cassettes (back when people actually bought cassettes) and 5 CDs, and gradually morphed into a rock band. But they still leave the instruments off the stage, because they’re a vocal group at the core. FOCS has toured extensively throughout the US, Germany and Japan. Numerous TV appearances include VH-1’s “//break.through/”, ABC Monday Night Football, FOX News, WB’s Morning Show, A&E, ESPN, and many more. Five O’Clock Shadow also has a long list of distinguished clients like Panasonic, Clear Channel Entertainment, Mohegan Sun, and The New England Patriot and the Boston Red Sox! And through their Vocal Challenge program FOCS has presented workshops and concerts to thousands of music students from coast to coast.

They are Pawsome! ALL THOSE SONGS were just their voices, NO INSTRUMENTS OR DRUM MACHINES! Honestly, they are the coolest and VERY talented! Don’t believe me, check this out!

Well, congradulations to LUDO for winning! And thank you everyone who played! There are still 2 more chances to win!

Because I felt really bad that not everyone could win and we are having so much fun, please keep your noses to the mail in the coming days! You ALL will be getting a little something! WOOF!


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